College Writing at Elon University

2006-2008 Faculty Presentations and Publications

Barbara L. Gordon published "Requiring first-year writing classes to visit the writing center: Bad attitudes or positive results?" in Teaching English in the Two-Year College, 36(2). December 2008. Research shows that first-year students benefit from one required visit to a writing center if the visit is well contextualized and if measures are taken so that students' visits are staggered.

Jessie L. Moore presented "Building a Community of Practice around First-Year Writing" at the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, October 16, 2008. Her presentation described her efforts to tailor College Writing faculty development based on program assessment results and annual instructional goals for ENG 110.

Paula Patch was selected by the freshman class as a 2008 Faculty Assisting New Students (F.A.N.S.) in recognition of her dedication to helping new students, her enthusiasm for Elon, and her passion for teaching.

Paula Patch presented "Casting the Net: After-the-Fact Writing Instruction for Failing Students" at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in New Orleans, LA, April 2-5, 2008. Her presentation discussed the value of short-term intensive courses such as Elon's Winter and Summer terms and "May"- or mini-mester courses at other institutions as an alternative to full-semester terms as a way to meet the unique needs of students who have failed the first-year writing course.

Michelle Trim presented “Just Because We Can: “The Good Rhetor as an Alternative to Fostering a Social Conscience” at the College English Association National Conference in St. Louis, MO, March 30, 2008. This presentation offered suggestions for first year writing teachers who wanted to incorporate service learning into their courses, but found they lacked the necessary resources to do so effectively and ethically.

Ashley J. Holmes and Jessie L. Moore presented at the North Carolina Campus Compact conference at Elon University, February 13, 2008. Their session focused on using backwards design to integrate academic service-learning in selective sections of multi-section courses, and they included examples from Prof. Holmes English 110 courses.

Jessie L. Moore, Paula Rosinski, and Tim Peeples presented at the Carolinas Writing Program Administrators fall conference at Little Switzerland, NC, September 24-26, 2007.

Paula Patch presented at the Innovation in Instruction Conference at Elon University, August 16, 2007. Her paper focused on using Wikipedia to teach students strategies for assessing sources.

Ashley J. Holmes presented "Learning Citizenship through Writing: A Study Comparing Service-Learning and Traditional Courses." Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) Institute, Chicago, IL, June 7-9, 2007. Holmes' project explores the potential connections between Service-Learning and civic engagement, comparing several sections of College Writing courses.

Janet Myers and Cassie Kircher's article, "Teaching without License: Outsider Perspectives on First-Year Writing," appears in the May 2007 issue of Teaching English in the Two-Year College.

Janet Myers, Cassie Kircher, and Ashley Holmes presented papers at the Conference on College Composition in March 2007. Holmes presented "Exploring Voices and Identities: Multigenre Research in First-Year Writing."

Ashley Holmes presented "Transformative Pedagogy: Weblogs as Learner-Centered Writing Spaces" at the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) Conference in Washington, D.C., November 7 - 11, 2006.

Ashley Holmes presented "Multigenre Research: An Exciting Alternative to Traditional Research" at the North Carolina English Teacher's Association (NCETA) Conference in Durham, NC, October 12 - 14, 2006.

Ashley Holmes, Jessie Moore, and Paula Rosinski presented at the Innovations in Instruction Conference at Elon University, August 17, 2006. Holmes presented "Technology for Learning: Teaching with Weblogs." Moore and Rosinski presented "Strategies and Resources for Integrating Writing Across the Curriculum."

Jessie Moore Kapper, Tim Peeples, Paula Rosinski, and Michael Strickland presented at the Eighth International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference in May 2006.

Several English 110 faculty presented at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in March 2006. They include: Barbara Gordon, Ashley Holmes, Jessie Moore Kapper, Cassie Kircher, Lance Massey, Janet Myers, Lee Nickoson-Massey, Tim Peeples, Paula Rosinski, and Michael Strickland.