School of Communication

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Alumni Awards in Communications

The School of Communications periodically recognizes alumni who have achieved significant professional success.

2012: Jo Craven McGinty '85

New York Times project editor and part of two Pulitzer Prize teams; now a Wall Street Journal columnist.

2012: Doug Finberg '94

Executive vice president
for marketing at MGM Studios and formerly with Dreamworks.

2013: Wes Durham '88

Voice of Georgia Tech athletics and now play-by-play for Fox Sports South, and radio voice of Atlanta Falcons.

2015: Adam Garber '03

Video director for the White House's Office of Digital Strategy

2016: Troy Senkiewicz ’98

CEO of DigiMax Consulting

Young Alumnus of the Year

This award is given by Elon University.

2008: Laith al-Majali '05

Producer and editor of "Captain Abu Raed," recipient of World Cinema Audience Award
at Sundance Film Festival.

Top 10 Under 10

Elon University's annual Top 10 Under 10 Alumni Awards recognize alumni of the past decade who have enjoyed major professional success and made a big difference in their community. Below is a list
of School of Communications majors who have been recognized with Top 10 Under 10 distinction.

Recipients from 2011

Alexander Webb Bond '08
Bruce Barclay Cameron IV '05
Gabrielle Lauren Raymond '06

Recipients from 2012

Dominic Barrett '06
Maria Teresa Interiano '07
Summur Shaikh '03

Recipients from 2013

Amy Reitnouer '09
Katie Sherman '04

Recipients from 2014

Nichole Allem '08
David Douglas '06
Nneka Enurah '11
Carson Foushee '07
Kelsey Glover '11
Jennifer Heilman '07

Recipients from 2015

Shea Coakley ’07
Carolyn Klasnick ’09
Andrew Wilen ’08

Recipients from 2016

Hallie Kilmer Cornetta ’09
Kendra Nickel-Nguy ’08
Mitch Pittman ’09