School of Communication

Awards and Competitions Committee

The School of Communications encourages students to develop high-quality creative and innovative projects and to showcase their work in professional and academic competitions. Each year, limited funds will be made available through a competitive review process conducted by the School of Communications Awards and Competitions Committee. The committee decision will be submitted to the dean’s office as a recommendation for funding.

The grants are designed to support development of competitive projects, payment of submission fees, and competition travel assistance. Students may apply for each type of support in separate applications. To be considered for grant funding, the project must have originated through the initiative of an individual or group of communications students. Potential projects may include work created as part of a university-sponsored student media activity or a School of Communications organization, as an independent project, or as an assignment in a course. A faculty or staff mentor must approve all applications. The committee will determine project eligibility upon receipt of the application.

This grant initiative augments the ample School of Communications support for creative production through access to facilities and software, faculty and staff mentors, and high-quality production equipment available from the Office of Television Services.

William Moner, an assistant professor in the School of Communications, serves as chair of the Awards and Competitions Committee. 


  1. Current students majoring in the School of Communications. Current students are eligible for support of project creation, competition submission fees, and travel assistance. Projects may be completed, in progress, or well defined as described in a detailed proposal.
  2. Recent graduates of the School of Communications. Recent graduates may apply for competition submission fees and travel assistance within the first year after graduation. Projects must have been completed before graduation.

Funding Limitations

Awards for project creation, competition submission and travel assistance ordinarily may not exceed the following amounts:

  • Production Costs for Creative Work
    $1,000 maximum for projects that may incur major production costs. $500 maximum for projects that require support for location filming or content acquisition, such as copyright or usage fees.

  • Submission Fees to Competitions
    $200 maximum for a current student or recent graduate of the program. Students are welcome to apply for a separate grant for each submission fee up to the $200 limit.

  • Travel Assistance for Competitions
    $1,000 maximum per student at the discretion of the committee. Travel awards will be evaluated based on the prestige of the competition, the level of award received, and the estimated cost of travel to the event. The student must pay additional travel expenses. A student may also receive additional funding from other sources, such as student media and communications organizations.

For more information, including deadline dates, rules and application procedures, refer to the Awards and Competitions Committee's application form