Communications students receive Triad Scholarships

The School of Communications faculty gathered September 6 to recognize 11 of their students and present them with special Triad Foundation scholarships.

The faculty selected Scott Adams, Ashley Busch, Chanel Caraway, Melody Giacchina, Jennifer Heilman, Raechel Hester, Robin Newton, Paul Skrickus, Shantia Stanley, Dave Warfel and Raphael Garcia on their overall merit in the School of Communications.

The Triad Foundation, a philanthropy of the Park family, has devoted much of its assets to the promotion of  journalism, broadcasting and corporate communications. The Triad’s gift to Elon furthers their mission by acknowledging students with potential to make a difference in media companies.

Roy Park was a Dobson, N.C., native and a graduate of North Carolina State University. He co-founded Hines-Park Foods in Ithaca in 1949 and sold it to Procter & Gamble Co. in 1956. He began buying media companies in 1962. When he died at age 83, he owned over 160 media properties covering newspapers, radio and television.


Here are some comments from the students:

descriptionDavid Warfel

When I called my parents and told them about the scholarship, they asked what I was going to do with the money. My senior year (this year) is the first year that my parents didn't have to take out a loan and are paying strictly out of pocket for my tuition. My mom even picked up a second job just to put me through school. All of the money is going right back into my tuition to take some of the load off of them. They've been working hard just so I could get an education. They deserve it.


Shantia Stanleydescription

When I heard that we were receiving money, it was the best thing in the world. I immediately thought about my plans to study abroad and how this scholarship would hopefully make that possible. I really wanted to study abroad this summer but I was about $1500 short. This money is truly a blessing and an honor. I can now continue my studies abroad this summer (hopefully in London) and this means a great deal to me.


descriptionRaechel Hester

I was very surprised once they announced how much the scholarship was for. I think my initial thought was I hope this isn't a joke. This scholarship means that all of my hard work was not done in vain. I remember being frustrated that there weren’t many scholarship opportunities for communication students who were not accepted into the fellows program, but I no longer feel that way.



Jennifer Heilmandescription

I knew something great was about to happen when all of us got to the reception, I just wasn't sure what. Everyone was really excited and anticipating what Dean Parsons was going to say. At first I was very surprised when we found out we were all receiving a scholarship. I was very grateful for being chosen for this scholarship because it will be a tremendous help for my family toward tuition this year, and I felt very honored that the Communications faculty felt I deserved it.


descriptionScott Adams

Entering Studio B and seeing a pack of professors was incredibly intimidating. None of us had any idea what was in store, so seeing their knowing smiles was unnerving. When I found out about the scholarship, I was shocked and flattered. There was no application process, so just being chosen based on my performance was really rewarding.



Robin Newtondescription

Once I discovered what the meeting was about I was totally devastated. I still don't believe this is happening. This scholarship is the best surprise I've ever received. I plan to study abroad in Costa Rica during the spring semester, so this will help me with airfare, spending money and other expenses. Elon's Communications school has the best professors and they never hesitate to help you in any way possible.


descriptionMelody Giacchina

I was totally surprised and excited at the same time. I know I am a good student, I have worked hard in my efforts to succeed here at Elon, but I have never been a 4.0 GPA student. I was very humbled to learn that faculty nominated me for such an honor. Elon is very fortunate to have such a wonderfully talented faculty in the School of Communications. Working with them and learning from them these past three years has helped me to not only get to where I am today, but also to where I will be in the future.


Chanel Carawaydescription

Words cannot adequately convey what this scholarship means to me. I am grateful, humbled, and simply overjoyed by the fact that I was a recipient. Receiving a scholarship is an honor in itself, but receiving a faculty nomination is an added bonus. There's a phrase that says you never know who's watching, and it has made a believer out of me! The education and experience that I have received thus far in the School of Communications is invaluable. The faculty and staff are so passionate about their work and it is illuminated in the classroom.


descriptionAshley Busch

I do plan to use the money to the fullest extent possible. I am very grateful to have received it. I think this scholarship helps to represent what Elon as an institution is about -- an engaging community that cares about the individual as a student and helps them succeed by recognizing their efforts and accomplishments and rewarding them in various ways.



Paul Skrickusdescription

When I first got to the studio and saw the food and drinks, I really wasn’t sure what was going on. I was scared for a second, but all the professors were smiling so I assumed whatever was going on was a good thing. When Dr. Parsons was talking about the money donated to the school and the show “Millionaire," I figured we were getting money. The money means so much to me because my mother passed away two years ago, and my Dad works so hard to provide for my sister and I. Any money I can get is helpful.


descriptionRaphael Garcia

I had no idea that the School of Communications was awarding me with anything. Thank God! His blessings always come at the best moment possible. It means that the work I have been doing these four years has been worth it and that at least one professor knows that I can make it in the journalism world. Thanks to the School of Communications for caring about their students as much as they do and for allowing the teachers to pick the recipients.


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