Fellows Take On L.A.

Hi there,

Here's a pretty good photo, standing outside County General Hospital, the home of NBC's ER. We were there on Thursday along with visiting the Production Designer of Studio 60, met with the man at the top of the digital world at WB Post Production (and met Clint Eastwood's right hand man), WB International Marketing SVP and VP, the Senior Marketing Administrator for Worldwide Television Marketing for Warner, and the Director of PR for Warner Bros. Interactive.

And yeah, we saw some famous actors as well. (But talking about that would make us tourists, not academics. Oh, and the kids got free Justice League Heroes T-shirts from Warner Interactive.

Last night some of them took in a movie near our hotel, but Peter and I crashed in our rooms.

On Friday we went to Intralink where Kelly Carlton works and learned about movie trailers and commercial production, on to TV Guide, did some quick tourist stuff around Hollywood Blvd, and then headed to Irvine to meet with Kelly McKeone of Strottman. (And dinner in Laguna Beach.) Strottman does the toys (from licensing to design and manufacturing) in the kids meals at fast food places, among other projects.

Saturday we have the meeting room here in the hotel so we will be screening a movie and meeting with folks associated with it as well as a stream of writers, actors, and others. Saturday night we're hosting a mixer with alumni at Lauren Gadd's house.

On Sunday we go to Tribune Studios where Family Feud is produced and tour the sets of Hanna Montana with alumni Troy Senkiewicz. That afternoon we may go to Venice Beach, the canals, and the Santa Monica Pier.

Then Monday we meet with folks at Universal, go to the writers and production staff of CSI (and tour their sets), Tuesday is a tourist day, with time at Universal Theme Park and have dinner with several alumni (among them Erin Cooper who works on the talent agent side of the business) at City Walk that night.

Wednesday is another hectic day, starting over in Pasadena and then running to CBS Television City's technical facility, watching a rehearsal of the Price is Right, meeting with producers and show runners of the Bold and
The Beautiful along with their international folks. We hope to see them tape some scenes, do some editing on a show, and finishing the audio mix. And we may get to see the Late Late Show with Craig Fergerson tape. Oh, and then some other alumni are coming by the hotel to talk with the kids.



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