This is Elon University's Interactive Media program's first year attending South by Southwest (SXSW®) Interactive.  SXSW® Interactive features 5 days of compelling presentations from the brightest minds in emerging technology, scores of exciting networking events hosted by industry leaders, the incredible new SXSW Trade Show and an unbeatable lineup of special programs showcasing the best new digital works, video games and innovative ideas the international community has to offer.

Students hope to learn about the up and coming technologies, softwares, and trends in the Interactive Media industry to complement their degree. 

Elon Interactive Media's SXSW Team

      Alexandra Boardman
Alexandra Boardman
Alexandra Boardman is absorbing as much as she can about interactive trends, strategy, management and production from the iMedia program in order to become a digital media producer/ project manager upon graduation in May. Alexandra has a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and in English from the University of South Carolina and worked as a social media manager and account manager prior to starting at Elon.

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                   Brad Mu

Brad MuBrad digs design. Putting even a little bit of thought into what we create makes all the difference--especially web design. Brad likes to try to balance out-of-the-box with intuitive design; and in the end hopefully create something new and different. For him, SXSW is the chance to see the latest trends in web design and talk with the best and brightest in the field. A bit of a goof-ball who doesn’t take himself too seriously, if you see a guy grinning from ear to ear at SXSW, it very well could be Brad.

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              Cait Smith

Caitlin SmithI like words and design and what happens when you marry the best of each.

With a background rooted in marketing communications and visual art, I’m passionate about writing, information design and the way digital media is changing the way we communicate and do business. After stints in the non-profit, financial services and pharma sectors, I quit my job during the recession to go back to school. Now I’m writing code, creating content, and loving the world of interactive design.

        Charlotte Southern

Charlotte SouthernCharlotte Southern's focus in the M.A. Interactive Media program is multimedia journalism with a concentration on local storytelling. Before joining the program she worked as freelance photojournalist in South Florida for five years. Charlotte earned a Bachelor of Science of Communication from the University of Miami in 2005 with a double major in photojournalism and studio art. After graduating in May she hopes to gain full-time employment as a multimedia journalist.

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        Jacquelyn Kozma

Jacquelyn Kozma Jacquelyn Kozma studied business at the University of Miami and decided to supplement that education with Elon's Interactive Media degree. She has been focusing on web development, SEO, social media and web standards while at Elon. At SXSWi, Jackie is excited to see what innovative technologies will be presented and what the panels have to offer on best practices and new facets of the Interactive Media industry.

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             John Hartley

John Hartley My name is John Hartley and I'm a web developer/video producer. I'm pumped to see what new technologies and techniques will be unveiled at SXSWi. Half of the motion graphics you see in the videos were made by me. There's just something about text in 3D space that makes me happy. To contact me, shoot me an email at

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          Michael Donovan

Mich DonovanMich Donovan is part web developer, part culture enthusiast, and all around supergeek. He comes from a background in broadcast and new media production, but really loves the process of transforming ideas to reality, regardless of the medium. At SXSW, he hopes to learn about all the innovative new ways people are communicating with each other, and in turn share these ideas with the rest of the world. He is honored to be a part of this very talented team.

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            Michael Sales

Michael SalesMike Sales came to the I-Media program looking to transition from traditional to new media. He's an experienced video producer and designer, spending many years as a Multimedia Producer at Thomson Reuters in Washington D.C. and as a Online Producer at the Charlotte Observer. This trip to SXSW is an exciting opportunity for Mike to show off the cutting edge expertise and rigorous academic training he's been receiving at Elon University.

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             Mollie Lambert

Mollie LambertMollie Lambert is a graduate of Furman University, with a degree in Communication studies. Her background includes PR and television production. Mollie has held internships at UNC-TV and WYFF in their newsrooms. She has also worked on the World Diabetes Day media relations team at the International Diabetes Federation in Brussels, Belgium. She is currently an interactive media graduate student, as well as a student web developer at the university relations office at Elon University. Mollie’s interests include web development, design, and media strategies.