School of Communication

Producing Valued Interns

Supervisors always complement School of Communications students on their ability to work and react in any work environment. Below is a sampling of supervisor comments about our interns. (Students' names have been omitted.)

"Personable, knowledgeable and competent with the technology; good sense of humor, quick learner, smart."

"(Student) has been a pleasure to work with. She is very enthusiastic and her work ethic is fabulous. She is currently conducting research for our marketing reps and has also successfully pitched our client's podcast series to health care organizations. We have included her in brain storm sessions and she has positively contributed to the discussion."
- Media Force PR

"(Student) did an excellent job and went above and beyond to do a great job."
- Country Music Television

"Extremely conscientious, arriving at work early and completing all of his work to the best of his ability."

"(Student) has been an asset to our team at Rivers Agency during her internship. She is friendly, always willing to lend a hand where it’s needed and has a great work ethic. (Student) is clearly competent, professional and works hard. We are confident that she will be an excellent addition to the company she joins in the future."
- Rivers Agency

"Exceptional. Strong work ethic, attention to detail, willingness to learn new tasks, willingness to complete assignments that are extremely tedious but require 100 percent accuracy, extremely punctual and possesses a 'can do attitude.'"
- Robinson Radio

"Great copywriter! (Student) was a great help to our creative director. His knowledge of graphic design software was a plus!"
- SRJ Communications

"(Student) has a great personality. She is a dependable and hard worker. She's eager to learn. She's bright, works well with others and will do a great job where ever she lands in the professional world! We LOVE having (student) here!"
- NBC4

"Always, always professional. Treated this as a career, not just an internship. Dressed professional and always willing to help when asked."
- Abrams Artists Agency

"The goal of this internship was to have my students proactively seek out stories on their own and cover them from start to finish. Ultimately, they were to produce unique stories presented online through our network of websites. (Student) excelled at this and exceeded expectations."
- WCBS-AM News Radio

"(Student) works well under pressure. (Student) understands all concepts of writing, editing and delivering exciting sports news."

"(Student) was one of the best we had this semester. She was energetic, eager and always wanting to take on more responsibility. We would love to have her back for another semester!"
- ESPN Radio

"I'd strongly consider (student) for full-time employment upon graduation."
- The Washington Post

"Ambitious, pro active, passionate, driven, well rounded, smart, excited, willing to respond to criticism, savvy."
- Twentieth Century Fox Corporation

"She made it a point to learn as much as possible about everything going on in the marketing side of the magazine industry. She was always willing to help with any assignment that came her way and always volunteered to assist members of our team. I think she'll be great at whatever she chooses to follow in her career path. I see her as a leader; not a follower."
- Meredith Publishing Corporation