Hours of Operation and Contact

Hours of Operation

The H.O.P.E. Clinic operates each Tuesday evening from 6pm-8pm unless otherwise stated.

Contact Information:

Clinic Phone: 336-278-6399
Clinic Fax: 336-278-6399
Clinic Email: Hopeptclinic@gmail.com

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Gray Carpenter Gcarpenter@elon.edu
Dr. Daryl Lawson dlawson3@elon.edu

Clinic Coordinators

3rd year: Jessica Nowak jnowak@elon.edu
2nd year: Tyler Cope tcope@elon.edu
1st year: Natalie Proffit nproffit@elon.edu

Student Coordinators

3rd year: Paige Copeland copelape@elon.edu
2nd year: Shannon Rubenstein srubenstein2@elon.edu
1st year: Tess Galantowicz tgalantowicz@elon.edu

Clinician Coordinators

3rd year: Ashley Parr aparr@elon.edu
2nd year: Wes Rissell wrissell@elon.edu
1st year: Stephen Mills smills7@elon.edu