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Expectations for Candidates in Clinical Experiences

Participation in clinical experiences is a privilege, and candidates are required to carry out their work in clinical placements in a professional manner. Candidates are visitors in school settings and must adhere to school policies and guidelines while completing course-related requirements.

The handbooks below outline specific expecatations. After reading the appropriate handbook, you should provide an electronic signature indicating you have read, understood, and agree to the expectations.

Early Clinical Experiences (those preceding student teaching) - Handbook & Assessment Documents

Your school-based clinical experiences will begin in EDU 211 or SOC 243 and will continue throughout your participation in EDU courses and/or teacher licensure courses. The Early Clinical Experiences Handbook spells out your expectations during these clinical experiences. Before starting your first clinical experience, you must read the handbook below and submit your electronic signature indicating you have read and agree to the guidelines in the handbook.

Methods Course Assessments

Student Teaching - Handbook & Assessment Documents

Student teaching is the culminating clinical experience in teacher licensure programs. The Student Teaching Handbook outlines expectations of you during your student teaching experience. Your application for Student Teaching will not be considered complete until you have read the handbook and submitted your electronic signature.

Student Teaching Assessments

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