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Frequently Asked Questions - Parents

How can I get my child in the “Village?”
Children can be referred by their classroom teachers. However, you as the parent, can also bring your child to our offices on Davis Street for an assessment.

Do you work with gifted students who are underserved in public school?
No. At the moment our focus is entirely on students who are struggling and who might benefit from intensive one-on-one reading tutoring.

How much does the tutoring cost?
The tutoring is free. We see it as an extension of our practice in the School of Education. Additionally, the project is funded by the Oak Foundation. Funds from The Oak Foundation support book purchases for our readers as well as weekly snacks for tutees. 

How long are the tutoring sessions?
The sessions begin at 5:30 p.m. and conclude at 7:30 p.m. for six weeks, typically on Wednesdays during the second phase of the spring and fall semesters.

Can I just drop my child off at the library and 5:30 and pick him up at 7:30?
No. Children will not be assigned a tutor without a parent present during tutoring. We believe parental involvement is central to the success we see in “Village" students' reading skills. So it is vital that parents attend the sessions with their children. Also, parents have a great deal to offer our novice teachers. Parents bring a wealth of information about their children, about how their children seem to learn best, about their interests and about the kinds of study tips and tricks that work well at home. So this practice is reciprocal, we learn from parents, parents learn from us. Together we work for the benefit of the child/student.