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Elon Academy Ambassadors Program

This past spring our scholars worked with one elementary school and two middle schools. Our rising sophomore scholars traveled to North Graham Elementary during the months of February and March to lead activities that introduced K-5 students to college knowledge. One team of sophomores visited K-3 classrooms, one team visited 3-5 classrooms, and a third team created a college fair for the 3-5 grades to visit on March 1. Our scholars read books to every classroom about college and these books, written by Anne Aldridge Webb, have been donated to each classroom. These books are "Appalachian A to Z" and "Carolina A to Z". As a culminating event, Anne Aldridge Webb visited the school on March 2 to speak with the North Graham Elementary students in two assemblies about the importance of literacy and the value of a college education.

Our scholars also partnered with two middle schools during their after school program, Ramp-It-Up! Elon Academy scholars visited with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders at Broadview Middle School and Graham Middle School in March, April, and May. Each student was provided with a book of their choice from a selection. Scholars then read the same books and led book clubs with these students. The students and scholars engaged in these book clubs through a combination of face-to-face and virtual meetings. Upon completion of the novels, the middle school students were allowed to keep their books. As a culminating activity, the middle school students traveled to the Elon University campus. Paired with their Elon Academy scholar book club leaders, these students were given an hour-long tour of the campus by Admissions tour guides. The leaders of Ramp-It-Up! reported that the students joyfully referenced this trip throughout the remainder of the school year. The Elon Academy Ambassadors look forward to partnering with Alamance-Burlington schools during the 2012-2013 academic year.