African and African-American Studies


African-Americans in Military History
A detailed bibliography of print and online resources on African Americans in the United States Armed Forces. Note: Book call numbers may not correspond to Belk Library’s call numbers.

The site consists of two bibliographic databases covering Africana periodical literature (Bibliography of Africana Periodical Literature Database)  and African Women's literature (African Women's Database).  You will also find a comprehensive bibliography on women travelers and explorers to Africa (Women Travelers, Explorers and Missionaries to Africa: 1763-2004: A Comprehensive English Language Bibliography).

Africa Women’s Bibliographic Database
This English language database contains over 22,000 citations from 1986 to current. The database indexes six types of materials: books and government documents; articles appearing in edited books; periodical and journal articles; Masters theses and Ph.D. dissertations as well as a few B.A. theses and honors papers; conference papers; and videocassettes.

Africana Resources for Undergraduates: A Bibliographic Essay
An online version of an essay by Nancy Schmidt, formerly African studies librarian at Indiana University Libraries, which first appeared in the book Africa, by Phyllis M. Martin & Patrick O’Meara (Indiana University Press, 3rd ed. 1995), entry 41. It describes general, easily accessible resources for students starting off in African studies, with a focus on resources in English published or reissued since 1980 (to late 1994). Arranged under broad subject sections.

Brown v. Board of Education: 50th Anniversary Bibliography
Sponsored by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Provides an extensive bibliographic guide to the landmark ruling; includes links to web resources.

Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography
EJAB is a refereed online journal of bibliographies. Coverage includes any aspect of Africa, its peoples, their homes, cities, towns, districts, states, countries, regions, including social, economic sustainable development, creative literature, the arts, and the Diaspora.

Perspectives in American Literature: Frederick Douglass
Includes bibliographies of primary and secondary texts.