Artwork by Kendel Cinnamon.  Photo provided by artist.

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“At so many schools, art is framed in the academy and solidified in the critique. At Elon, there is a holistic approach that combines technical advancement with critical ideas that produces a student who is not only a craftsperson, but an intellectual artist as well.”   

Justin Goodall ’05


Discover art history

"It takes a very dedicated person to choose to study art history at Elon and students leave with not only a strong understanding of the history of art, but also know how to synthesize what we've learned into something a lot more complex than in other programs that involve at lot of slide memorization.”     

Olivia Feldman '12
Art History
International Studies


Why should you major in Art History at Elon?

Listen to alumna Nichole Rawlings, who can't say enough great things about Art History at Elon!


Artwork by Addrianne Hanson.  Photo provided by artist.

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"My love for Art At Elon goes far beyond access to necessary supplies - the faculty in the Art program are incredibly talented and caring individuals who share a common goal of fostering artistic and academic growth in all of their students."

Adrianne Hanson ‘14


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"Elon is a big, big reason for why I am so successful. No other school offers so many opportunities and so much personal support."

Natalie Butler '13


Art Degrees @ Elon

Elon University's Department of Art & Art History offers two degrees in studio art: a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  

Art A.B. 
Requirements & Courses

B.F.A in Art 
Requirements & Courses

Elon students may also minor in art or in another media area.

Minor in Art
Requirements & Courses
Minor in Digital Art
Requirements & Courses
Minor in Photography
Requirements & Courses

Interested in learning more about degrees in Art History?
>2016-17 Major Requirements & Courses
>2016-17 Minor Requirements & Courses

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