The Digital Art Minor

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

The Digital Art minor provides a media-focused course of creative study in digital art to complement several majors at Elon.  Concentrated course-work in this medium aids in providing students with visual literacy and a critical engagement with technology–– skills and experiences that enable students to become effective global citizens in a visually saturated and technology-centered world.

With a digital art minor, students will:

  1. Become knowledgeable about the equipment, materials, and processes of digital art.
  2. Gain an understanding of the conceptual and aesthetic components of still-image, moving-image and interactive-based artforms.
  3. Learn how to examine and critically discuss digitally-based visual and aural works
  4. Understand the impact of technology on contemporary art and visual culture.

Program Requirements and Electives

A minor in Digital Art requires the following courses:

ART 260 Introduction to Photography and Intermedia 4 sh
Choose one foundations course from the following: 4 sh
ART 112 Fundamentals of Design  
ART 113 Three-dimensional Design  
ART 114 Time Arts  
ART 201 Drawing 1  
Choose one course from the following:  4 sh
ARH 212 Art History III:  Revolt, Reform, and Critique  
ARH 320 Contemporary Art  
Choose two of the following: 8 sh
ART 360 The Static Image in Digital Art  
ART 361 Internet Art  
ART 362 Video Art and Animation  
ART 460 Advanced Projects in Static Imaging  
ART 462 Advanced Projects in Video Art and Animation  
TOTAL 20 sh

Please contact Professor Samantha DiRosa for more information.

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