Studio & Facilities  

The Department of Art & Art History is housed in Arts West, which features large, well-equipped studios for courses in:

Art Foundations - Drawing, Design, & Kinetic Studios
Courses include: Fundamentals of Design, Three Dimensional Design, Time Arts

Ceramics - Ceramics Studio, Glazing Room, Kiln Room
Courses include: Ceramics I, Ceramics II, Advanced Projects in Ceramics

Digital Art - Kinetic Studio, Static Studio, Digital Art Classroom, Digital Cage
Courses include: Intro to Intermedia & Photo, Static Image in Digital Art, Video & Animation, Advanced Projects in Static Imaging, Advanced Projects in Video & Animation

Drawing & Painting - Drawing, Painting Main, Painting Advanced
Courses include: Painting I, Painting II, Painting III, Advanced Projects in Painting

Photography - Photo Classroom, Darkroom, Film Processing, Film Rolling, Lighting Studio, Digital Photo Lab, Digital Cage
Courses include: Intro to Intermedia & Photo, Photo II, Photo III, Photo IV