Art History Major

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A Major in Art History at 40 credit hours requires the following courses:

Foundation Courses (12 sh)
ARH 210   Art History I: Gods and Emperors (4 sh)
ARH 211 Art History II: Cathedrals to Conquest  (4 sh)
ARH 212  Art History III: Revolt, Reform, Critique (4 sh)

Upper Level Requirements(16 sh)
ARH 301  Art History Methodologies (4 sh)
ARH 495 Senior Seminar in Art History (4 sh)
Two ARH courses at the 300-400 level (8 sh)
Twelve hours of electives selected from any of the following:(12 sh)
• Art History courses at the 300-400 level   
• ART 112: Fundamentals of Design, ART 113: Three-Dimensional
Design, or ART 114: Time Arts.
• One course in  Foreign Language at 200 level or higher.  
• One course in History (HST) at the 300-400 level.  
TOTAL 40 sh

For further information, contact your advisor, Kirstin Ringelberg, or Evan Gatti.

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