Requests for Recommendations

We look forward to writing recommendations for internships, scholarships, and post-graduate school and employment. Writing a great recommendation, however, is time consuming. If you are requesting a recommendation from an Art History faculty member, please use the Request for Recommendation Form and follow these guidelines:

  • Students should complete the Request for Recommendation Form before contacting the faculty member.
  • Students who have an average lower than B+ in their art history classes may receive recommendations in exceptional situations. If you have an average below a B+, you must first submit a short paragraph explaining why you still feel a reference from us might help your application.

The following schedule for making a request should be adhered to:

DeadlineLead time
First or last week of a term Four weeks
Between Nov. 15 and Jan. 15 By October 15
Other holiday periods or breaks Four weeks
Summer By May 1
All other times Three weeks

For requests with different deadlines, use the earliest deadline to determine your lead time. It is beneficial to do many recommendations at one time so please be sure of all of the programs or jobs to which you will be applying before submitting a request. Faculty may decline to write additional letters of recommendation if they are requested piecemeal.

Copies of recommendations may not necessarily be provided to the student, but requests will be reviewed on an individual basis. It is customary that students provide envelopes and postage unless other arrangements are made. If a recommendation form is provided be sure to fill out the contact information completely, including the name, title, address and phone number of the faculty member. You can find this information in the Elon University Directory.