Student Organizations

Art Guild

Art Guild is a student-run organization that provides an additional outlet for creative and artistic individuals to share their talent and knowledge with the University and the community.  Members of the organization range from Art Majors to English Majors.  Each year, Art Guild has several student art exhibitions, workshops on current art topics, and field trips to local galleries I the area.  Members can gain experience in art installation, exhibit their work, and share their talents through student-taught workshops.

Creative Resolution

Creative Resolution designs several posters and promotional materials for departments and organizations on campus.  Earn real-world experience in graphic design, and get paid! Contact LM Wood:

Arts Learning Communities

Elon has two living-learning communities where art students have the opportunity to dorm with other creative students in such disciplines as Theater, Creative Writing, Dance, Music, and Film.  Here, students can collaborate, create and promote creative projects and events such as art exhibitions, poetry readings, and performances.

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