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Department News

  • Honors Fellow receives national summer research fellowship

  • Bird diversity grows in Elon University Forest

    For each of the past five years, Associate Professor Dave Gammon has conducted an annual bird count in the Elon University Forest, and his most recent census indicates plenty of good news for those with avian DNA.

  • Elon faculty named to endowed professorships

    Elon University leaders on Monday formally announced the names of four distinguished professors named to endowed professorships. Eric Fink, Roland Smith, Brant Touchette and Catherine McNeela were recognized during the opening ceremony for Planning Week 2010.

  • Jen Hamel publishes research article

    Assistant Professor of Biology Jen Hamel, together with Savannah Nease and Dr. Christine Miller of the University of Florida, published a research article in the current issue of the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson weaves humor with wisdom in Q&A

    The famed astrophysicist took questions from Elon University students on Thursday in a Whitley Auditorium program where he advised his audience not to “ever shortchange your curiosity for the promise of money” as they pursue their life passions.

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