Attention all Elon University science majors and biology enthusiasts,

The Elon University Biology Club would like to warmly welcome you to our organization. The Biology Club consists of students interested in biology and the life sciences and is dedicated towards providing an environment of lighthearted academia. It is open to both biology majors and non-majors and provides many fun and enlightening extracurricular activities that are sure to broaden your horizons. These activities range from engaging and interesting guest speakers to exciting outdoor events. This year, the club is supervised by Yuko Miyamoto and Antonio Izzo: two experienced biology department professors that are very helpful and dedicated to providing students with useful information. 

The club, which meets every first and third Thursday of every month, provides activities and topics for all aspects of biology. From students interested in a career in medicine to those interested in environmental studies and ecology, the club offers opportunities for every student inspired by science.  Throughout the semester, we plan on housing discussions with Elon alumni about post-graduate experiences as well as engaging in interesting conversation with welcomed guest and faculty speakers. Beyond discussions and presentations, the Biology Club hosts many social events such as the McMichael Science Department trick-or-treat, McMichael Cup, and Senior Sendoff barbeque. The purpose of the Biology Club is to bring all students interested in biological sciences together in a friendly, jovial, and engaging manner.
Everyone is invited to join us this year as we continue to broaden our scientific knowledge, create new friendships, and provide a fun and unique club experience. Good luck on your upcoming semester and we hope to see you soon!

Thank you kindly,

R. Patrick Lyon ‘15
Biology Club President


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