Department of Chemistry

On-Campus Research Opportunities in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Research Mentor Selection Process for Chemistry/Biochemistry:

Step 1: Attend Faculty Research Presentations (September 5th, 2013)*

  • These will occur every Fall and Spring
  • Faculty will present a quick overview of their research projects
  • Faculty will outline availability and timing for new research students

Step 2: Face-to-face meetings

  • Students should schedule meetings with faculty whose projects interest them
  • Students need to meet with a minimum of 3 faculty before moving on to Step 3

Step 3: Students meet with Department Chair to discuss mentor options

  • Students present and discuss a list of preferred research mentors to the department chair who will discuss options with faculty
  • Student-mentor pairings will be made based on availability and status
  • This meeting must occur by October 25, 2013 for Spring 2014 placement and/or possible SURE 2014 participation 

*If unable to attend Faculty Research Presentations, consult Department Chair.