Department of Chemistry

Advice and Comments from Current Students and Recent Alumni

"Don't procrastinate!! Don't be afraid to go in and ask for help."
- Rachel Naumann

"Even though I'm a Biology major, I've dabbled in Chemistry enough to know that this major is extremely challenging, but very worthwhile. The third floor takes you in, almost, as their own and you become part of this "family" and like I said, I'm not even a major and I feel this way! After my first year, I was recruited as a chemistry tutor simply because I did well in General Chemistry. If you succeed in class, your professors take notice! Now, as a senior, I can tell you that I've had more jobs within the Chemistry department than I've had within my own major. I've been a teaching assistant for General Chemistry for 2 semesters (going on 3!) and a tutor for 3 years now.. and it's just such a rewarding use of my time. Make the best of your 4 years and become involved in the department, it really makes a difference!"
- Laura Iannacone

"Office hours and the tutoring center in the library are a huge help. Also keep your books, they are very good references to go back to."
- Josh Garr

"Get involved in research as soon as you can! The more experience you have at Elon, the better internships you can get and the more prepared for Grad School you will be."
- Mary Caruso

"In the chemistry department of Elon, you will find highly knowledgeable and interested faculty along with access to lots of stellar equipment. There are only a few years to take advantage of the small class size setting. As long as you don't waste these great opportunities, you'll really have a confident edge when applying to jobs out there."
- Jim Wooten

"I wanted to thank you for preparing me with such a strong chemistry background. In biology of human disease right now we are working on projects, and its amazing how much chemistry I remember and how much more prepared I am than many of the other students. It was such a relief to know I didn’t need to study the resonance and chirality chapters."
- Amy Dworkin

"I was sitting in class … and [the instructor] was lecturing on the Hammet equation. He then asked the class what the effect on the slope of the plot would be if a methylene group was added between the p-substituted ring and the carboxylate group of a benzoic acid derivative. I said, 'Well, the effect of changing X will be the same so the slope is positive but the decrease in inductive effects will decrease the acidity and make the slope less than one.' So he gives me a puzzled look, stops class altogether and asks, 'Where did you go to school,again?' I said 'Elon University in North Carolina.' He replied, 'Wow, they prepare you guys well there, so you're not allowed to answer any more of my questions (chuckling).'"
- Brian Conley

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