Department of Chemistry

Selecting a Research Advisor

It can be difficult deciding who to do research with. Remember that as an undergraduate you are in an interesting position to try out different fields of chemistry to determine your true interests. This is not a suggestion to “hop-scotch” from faculty member to faculty member trying everything, but to leave yourself open to new ideas and maybe try something that sounds interesting.

Below are some good criteria to consider while deciding who to work with. First, you must be interested in the research. Read the research description of the faculty and see if anything interests you. Then speak with the faculty to get a better idea of what is currently going on. Second, there should be some overlap (the more the better) between your personality and that of the existing group. Here a group may be as small as you and your advisor or may involve several other students all working on different aspects of a project. Don’t be afraid to ask what type of contact you should expect with your advisor and the other students in the group.

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