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Developing a Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Resumes and Curriculum Vitas are concise collections of information about you. In general, resumes are 1 page. However, in the scientific environment 2 pages are acceptable. Curriculum Vitas are similar to resumes but are much longer and are academia focused. A simple job application consists of a resume and a cover letter. More complex job applications can have other requested documentation. Submit what is requested: no more, no less. A good cover letter is as difficult to put together as a resume. The first and best tip is to collect examples from people who have been successful in the job market you are targeting. There are a lot of good tips out there to help you get started. Below is a short list of sources of information.

Elon Career Center:

There are a lot of books on resume writing. Search or for resume writing or resume guide. The following two have been recommended by many people for creating resumes and writing cover letters.

Ireland, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Perfect Resume

Irelend, The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Cover Letter

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