Department of Chemistry

Who Needs Chemistry?

Everyone. It’s hard to imagine a world without chemistry — a world without conveniences that range from soap and clean water to cars and space shuttles. While chemistry plays an important role in improving our lives, the study of matter at its most basic level gives us a new perspective on the world and a deeper appreciation for its beauty.

As a Chemistry major at Elon, you will explore this exciting and crucial field through an active curriculum that emphasizes the use of the most current technologies and instrumentation in the classroom, in laboratories and in undergraduate research. You also will receive excellent instruction from faculty who have a wealth of professional experience and scholarly expertise. When you graduate, you will be prepared for many pursuits.

You may choose to work in the chemical industry, continue advance studies in graduate school, take professional training in medicine, dentistry, or other health-related fields, prepare to teach at the secondary level, or pursue opportunities in related fields (environmental science, forensics, business, and industry).


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