Department of Chemistry

Department Instruments 

The chemistry department is committed to providing our students with hands-on access to modern instruments beginning as early as possible, and lasting throughout our curriculum. We are also committed to demonstrating the application of diverse instrumental techniques toward solving selected chemical problems.  (Scroll down to view our instrument ensemble.)

Varian Mercury VX 300 MHz NMRw multinuclear (H-1/C-13/F19/P-31)/probe and pulsed field gradient (Kresge Foundation)

Perkin-Elmer AAnalyst 300 atomic absorption spectrometer (Kresge Foundation)

Nicolet Magna 560 FT-IR with HATR accessory (NSF-ILI grant #9650908)

Fisons MD800 GS/MS/ITD (NSF-ILI grant #9452544)

Parr Model 1455 Micro-bomb calorimeter

Varian Pro-Star HPLC with UV detector

Labconco Model 50601 Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box

HP8452A UV-Visible diode array spectrometers (2) 


National Applicance Model 5831 Vacuum Oven

Durrum Gibson D 110 stopped-flow UV-Visible with Nicolet 1090 AR Oscilloscope

Perkin Elmer Series 4 HPLC


Other Equipment (not pictured)

  • B&L Spectronic 20 visible colorimeters
  • Gow Mac Series 150 GC/TCD
  • Fisher Model XT 210 Balances
  • Fisher Model 910 pH Meters
  • Rudolph Model 51 Polarimeter