Welcome to the Criminal Justice Studies program.

Drawing on the expertise of several departments across campus, the CJS program provides students with a solid educational foundation in the realms of crime and justice. Through courses and relevant experiences, students critically examine both academic and applied facets of the discipline. Many students are attracted to the CJS program out of personal interest. Others have a desire to gain the background that will assist in a career in criminal justice or a related field. In general, students have found that the minor serves as a useful complement to virtually any major.

"The Criminal Justice minor is a great way to explore the numerous opportunities within the growing field of criminal justice. I really enjoyed the content of the criminal justice classes; not only the real world applications but also the hands on experience the professors brought to the classroom. Combined with my interest in psychology, the Criminal Justice minor sparked my passion for crime and the law and readily prepared me for future endeavors, including my pursuit of a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology."

Lynsey McNamara '14, now at Roger Williams University

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Here are the CJS courses for:

Summer 2016
COR 405 Prison Nation (Layne) - Online Session I
CJS 370 The 9/11 Terror Attacks (Dalhouse) - Online Session II
SOC 342 Social Construction of Deviance (Franzese) - Online Session II

Fall 2016 (rooms TBA). Note that there are typically more electives offered in the fall than in the spring:

Core Classes (Required):
HSS 359A Criminal Justice (O’Neal), TTH 5:30-7:10, no pre-req
PSY 357A Criminal Behavior (McClearn), MWF 10:50-12:00, no pre-req
SOC 355A Criminology (Staff), TTH 8-9:40, no pre-req                                                                                     
SOC 355B Criminology (Staff), MW 1:40-3:20, no pre-req

ANT 384A Forensic Anthropology (Trachman), MW 1:40-3:20, no pre-req
CJS 255 Organized Crime (McClearn), TTH 10:30-12:10, no pre-req
COR 405A Prison Industrial Complex (Layne), TTH 10:30-12:10, third or fourth year of study
HSS 349A Violence in Families (Lewellyn-Jones), TTH 2:20-4:00, no pre-req
HSS 351A Global Violence Against Women (Monico), MWF 1:40-2:50, no pre-req
HSS 369A Juvenile Justice (Reid), TTH 10:30-12:10, no pre-req
PHL 341A Philosophy of Law (Batchelor), TTH 10:30-12:10, no pre-req
POL 324A Civil Liberties (Savchak-Trogdon), MW 1:40-3:20, no pre-req
SOC 315SL Drugs and Society (Zito), TTH 2:20-4:00, no pre-req

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