Program Requirements

The general Elon experience is in part a great preparation for Peace Corps service. The general requirements for graduation, such as intermediate foreign language skills, global studies, global awareness, experience abroad and service work, meet many of the Peace Corps Prep requirements. However, students are required to take some additional courses that focus on strengthening understanding of the environment, sustainable food systems and sustainability to participate in the Peace Corps Prep Program. 


1. Courses in agriculture and environmental science-12 (sh) required (or courses approved by the Elon University Coordinator for the Peace Corps Prep Program.)


            ENS 111/113-Introduction to Environmental Science and Lab

Minimum of 4 semester hours (sh) from the following:

  ENS 220 Garden Studio: Fall (2 sh)
  ENS 221 Garden Studio: Spring (2 sh)
  ENS 232  Solar Greenhouse and Fourth Season Harvest
  ENS 311 Sustainable Food Production

Minimum of  4 semester hours (sh) from the following:

  ENS 120 Community Agriculture: Fall (2 sh)
  ENS 121 Community Agriculture: Spring (2 sh)
  ENS 320-Restoration Ecology
  ENS 330-Wildlife Ecology
  ENS 340-Water Resources Management
  ENS 346-Wetland Ecology and Management
  ENS 360-Green Design: Envisioning a Sustainable Future               

 2. Foreign Language Study: Students are required to take or place above the intermediate level (200) in any of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, **French, German, Italian, Japanese or **Spanish. (**Highly preferred.)

3.  Area Studies Courses-8 (sh) required:

  ANT 112-Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  EDU 211-School and Society
  ENG 231-Introduction to World Literature
  ENG 331-Advanced World Literature
  ENS 110-Humans and Nature
  GEO 131-The World Regions
  HST 221-The World in the 20th Century
  LED 210-Foundation of Leadership
  PHL 342-Philosophy and Society
  REL 110-Religion in a Global Context
  SOC 261-Classic Sociological Theory

The Elon Peace Corps Prep Program director reserves the right to adjust course requirements by substitution or due to course number changes and course termination.

4. Courses in Global Awareness-12 (sh) required.

Required: GST 110-The Global Experience

Two courses from the following:

  ENG 206-Introduction to Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages
  ENS 310-Environmental Issues in Southeast Asia
  GEO 345-Global Environmental Change
  GEO 121-Global Physical Environments
  HSS 350-International Human Services
  INT 141-International Relations
  INT 221-The World in the 20th Century
  POL 141-International Relations
  POL 224-Enviromental Policy and Law
  POL 341-International Organizations
  POL 343-International Law
  POL 344-International Environmental Policy
  POL 346-International Security
  POL 348-International Human Rights
  PSY 366-Psychology in Cultural Context
  PHS 302-Global Health

The Elon Peace Corps Prep Program director reserves the right to adjust course requirements by substitution or due to course number changes and course termination.

B. Additional experiences

A minimum of one or an approved combination of partial components of the following:

Volunteer service/internships in community service/development project (100 hours by graduation). Special Note: Very high consideration is given to those applicants that have volunteer service/internships in environmental science and sustainable agriculture. Three months of hands-on experience is highly prized by the Peace Corps.

Work experience in a specific sector (e.g., agriculture, environmental sciences, teaching, health care, and/or construction (skilled trade). (minimum 10 weeks)

Tutoring/teaching/at-risk program experience. (minimum 10 weeks)

Studying/traveling abroad. (minimum 3 weeks)

Students providing substantial evidence of undergraduate research in the following areas: agriculture, green design or environmental science. This  research will be equal to 2 credits hours (comparable to 80 hours).