Elon College Fellows

Meet the Fellows: Joshua Goldstein '12

Music Performance Major
Arts and Humanities Fellows

When I first came to Elon on a tour I heard about the Experiential Learning Requirement.  One of the choices was undergraduate research; from that point on I decided that was something that appealed to me and inspired me to apply for the Elon College Fellows program.

The research that I have been able to do with my Elon College Fellows mentor, Dr. Omri Shimron, has benefitted me in many ways and it has been an honor to be involved with it. Our project entails analyzing a piece of cello music and then forming a unique interpretation of it based upon not only the analysis, but also historical and biographical aspects. This research has not only been fun, but it has given me a greater appreciation for music as a whole.  Not only has my research better prepared me for some of my classes such as music history, but it has also been a great help in preparing for graduate school, where I hope to find myself after graduating.

One day I hope to find myself either playing in an orchestra, preferably the New York Philharmonic (that's the dream job anyway), or teaching college level music theory. These career goals have been supported by the Elon College Fellows program and my research project, which has allowed me to find a niche that I feel comfortable in and that I might possibly want to do as a career later on in life. Overall, the whole fellows experience, the project and getting to work with a great faculty member has been nothing but spectacular.