Elon College Fellows

Meet the Fellows

Arts and Humanities Fellows

Joshua Goldstein '12

"The research that I have been able to do with my Elon College Fellows mentor, Dr. Omri Shimron, has benefitted me in many ways and it has been an honor to be involved with it.."

Arwen Varner '11

"I think the most lasting benefit of participating in the Elon College Fellows program is that it has introduced me to the incredible world of academic scholarship..."

Lauren Taylor '10

"The Elon College Fellows program has been the cornerstone of my Elon experience. From my first day on campus, I had a cohort of peers with similar interests..."

Eric Mann '10

"The Elon College Fellows program was an incredible experience for me. As an actor and performer, it is a necessity to reflect on and evaluate your own craft in order to grow and mature..."

Sarah Simmons '09

"The opportunity to participate in the Elon College Fellows program has given me many experiences I never expected as an undergraduate student. By challenging me to think beyond the simple questions, the Fellows program gave me confidence and the drive to pursue my own questions..."


Mathematical and Natural Sciences Fellows

Tony Rizzuto '11

"Being part of the Elon College Fellows has been a great experience for me. I’ve met a lot of intelligent and interesting people, and I’ve become close with other students in the program..."

Jonathan Citty '10

"The ability to successfully complete an undergraduate research project and have it published in an academic journal is one of the most satisfying feelings in academia, yet without the Elon College Fellows program I would not have been able to accomplish this feat..."

Katie Stackhouse '10

"Not only did the Elon College Fellows provide me with an intellectually challenging environment, but also an incredible group of lifelong friends..."

Eileen Sorge '09

"As a Mathematical and Natural Sciences Fellow, I came to realize the importance of continual questioning and developed a strong sense of self directed learning, which prepared me for the clinical reasoning skills that would become so important in graduate school."


Social Sciences Fellows

Lauren Deaver '12

"The Elon College Fellows program has been an integral part of my undergraduate experience and success in research. As a freshman, I lived in the living learning community for Elon College Fellows and quickly found a group of tight knit friends who shared the same curiosity and love of learning that I had..."

Maja Niemierko '06

"The opportunity to participate in the Elon College Fellows Program has given me many experiences I never expected to have as an undergraduate student..."