Students and faculty in Elon’s German program are achieving remarkable things. Our students have landed careers in the German television industry, fellowships in Berlin, graduate school admissions in History, German, and International Studies, and internships in Germany and the United States, among other accomplishments.

Our interdisciplinary minor, with coursework in German and English, is a natural fit for students majoring in Business, History, Engineering, Chemistry, Philosophy, Physics, Art History, Religious Studies, Economics, Communications, and many other disciplines. We support three study abroad programs, each with different areas of academic focus that complement a wide range of majors. Highly motivated students can pursue a self-designed major in German Studies with approval from the faculty.

Our Business German track features internships with German companies, a prestigious certificate offered by the German federal government, a speaker series with top business German professionals and the option of participating in the dual-degree program between Elon's Love School of Business and the ESB Business School in Reutlingen. Faculty members in the program have been recognized for their excellence in teaching and are actively committed to a dynamic, engaging curriculum and a rigorous, intellectually rewarding classroom experience. In Elon's German program, you'll learn the language through serious investigations into German society, gaining linguistic and analytical skills to understand German culture.

Mission Statement

Through its innovative curriculum, faculty research, and learning-centered pedagogies, the German Studies program at Elon University promotes the study of German-speaking countries from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Curriculum and pedagogy are informed by the interdisciplinary stances of the Modern Language Association, the German Studies Association, and the American Association of Teachers of German, which assert the necessity of translingual and transcultural competence. In order to promote learning across the disciplines and prepare students to be global citizens, and because insight into the German-speaking societies is available only to those who have mastered the linguistic code, we emphasize the practical and intellectual utility of studying German language and culture.