Major/minor opportunities

Minor in German Studies

Requirements & Courses

Elon's minor in German Studies is an interdisciplinary minor with an intensive focus on German language and culture. Language study through German 222 comprises the core courses; electives come from German, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and other disciplines. Courses that are not on the list—including study abroad courses—may be counted with approval from the faculty. See FAQ.

Major in International Studies

Requirements & Courses

A popular option for students interested in Germany and other German-speaking lands is the major in International Studies, with a concentration in Europe and a minor in German Studies. The majority of coursework for German Studies also counts for International Studies. Students interested in this option may wish to consult Dr. Windham, who serves on the International Studies board and advises many International Studies majors interested in Germany.

Self-designed major in German Studies

Highly motivated students can design their own independent major. If you’re interested in designing your own independent major in German Studies, we recommend consulting the German faculty in the early stages of your proposal.