Minor in German Studies – Frequently Asked Questions

2015-16 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Requirements & Courses

How many semester hours is the minor?

  • The minor requires 20 semester hours above German 121.

Can I get minor credit for my AP score or a good placement test score?

  • Elon will grant graduation credits for that, but not minor credits. The university wants students to improve on what they’re already capable of after high school—there is no minor you can earn by taking one or two courses.

I have a high placement test score, but I’d like to start in a lower course. Is that OK?

  • Yes. If, for example, you place into GER 222 but would like to start with GER 221 (one level lower), you can simply register for the lower course. To drop two levels, you’ll need to ask the German faculty for permission.

What are the requirements?

  • Required courses are listed below. German 222 is strongly encouraged, as is study abroad. Note that the Heidelberg summer program requires you to have German 122; the Heidelberg and Reutlingen semester programs require you to have German 222.

Required Courses -  12 semester hours**

GER 222 Intermediate German II 
(Students may meet this requirement via placement test. Testing guidelines are set by the Department of World Languages and Cultures)
Twelve Semester hours in German (prefix GER) at the 100-400 level.

Electives - Must choose 12 semester hours

ARH 210 Art History I: Gods and Emperors*

ARH 211 Art History II: Cathedral/Conquest*

ART 212 Art History III: Revolt, Reform Critique*

ARH 301 Art History Methodologies*

ENG 301 Introduction to Linguistincs

ENG 302 History of the English Language

GER 300-IS Selected Courses from Study Abroad

GER 371-74 Topics in German Studies

GER 491 Independent Study

GER 499 Research

GST 218 Kafka and the Kafkaesque

GST 227 Holocaust Perpetrators

GST 398 Heroes, Intellectuals and Supermen: The Hero in the German Cultural Imagination

HST 112 Europe and the Medieval World Since 1500

HST 221 The World in the 20th Century

HST 331 World War I in Film and Literature

HST 335 Growth of Modern Europe 1789-1914

HST 336 Europe 1914-1945

HST 337 Europe 1945-Present

HST 338 Germany: War, Democracy and Hitler

HST 339 History of the Holocaust

PHL 338 Nietzsche and the Death of God

PHL 339 Martin Buber and the Eclipse of God

PHL 433 Marx, Darwin and Freud

TOTAL: 24-28 sh 

*These courses may or may not count, depending on the specific focus in the semester you take it. Contact Dr. Windham about receiving German Studies credit for these courses.

** If a student places into the 122 level or higher, the student must take 20 semester hours for the
German Studies minor, including at least eight semester hours of courses with the GER prefix. Up
to 12 hours of study abroad courses that emphasize German Studies’ subject matter may count for
the minor, as approved by the program coordinators.

Can I get credit for courses not on the list?

  • Yes. You can petition Dr. Windham to approve other courses on a case-by-case basis.

Can I get credit for study abroad courses?

  • Yes. You can get credit for summer or semester abroad courses. Many of the courses at our study abroad sites—Heidelberg, Aachen, Reutlingen, and the University of Applied Sciences in Austria—count for the minor. See Dr. Windham before selecting your courses.