Student success

Internships, fellowships, study abroad, graduate school acceptance, and career placement are commonplace for our students and graduates. A sample of what current students and recent graduates are doing:

Ryan Griggs ’14, a dual-degree business major, will spend his final two years of college at the top-ranked European School of Business in Germany. Upon graduation, Griggs will earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Elon and bachelor’s in international management from ESB. Ryan was awarded a stipend by the state of Baden-Württemberg (400 Euros per month for 4-11 months) to support his studies.

Hannah Nelson '13, a Communications major and German Studies minor, completed a web-design internship at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in summer 2010. The following year, she was awarded a SURE grant to conduct full-time research during the summer on the representation of Germany and the Germans in social media.

Adley Kloth '11, a German Studies minor who triple majored in International Studies, Political Science, and Public Administration, completed a summer-long internship at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin in summer 2009. Adley now works for the United States Census Bureau in Washington.

Meaghan Britain '11, a Strategic Communications major, was accepted into the Congress-Bundestag Exchange for Young Professionals. The highly competitive program is "a full-year work-study scholarship program with a strong focus on cultural exchange between the US and Germany," in the words of the program's website.

Erick Marin '10, an International Studies major and German Studies minor, is pursuing a master's in International Affairs at American University. He has completed two internships with the United Nations.

Kristen Klug '10, a History major and German Studies minor, lived and worked in Frankfurt for one year before beginning a master's program in European Studies at the Hochschule Bremen.

Clarke Rainey '09, a Computing Sciences major and German Studies minor, has an IT job with Volkswagen in Tennessee.

Jack Garratt '09, a History major and German Studies minor, is pursuing a PhD in Intellectual History at George Washington University. Jack reads primary texts in German and French as part of his doctoral research. In summer 2011, he received a major grant to pursue archival research at the Bundesarchiv-Lichterfelde in Berlin, where he investigated Protestant-Catholic tensions in the German colony of Togoland in the early 1900s.

Tayler Kent '08, a Journalism major and German Studies minor, is pursuing a PhD in German at UNC-Chapel Hill on a full ride. Tayler spent the summer after graduation studying journalism in Berlin, with full financial support from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service, an arm of the German federal government). In 2011-12, Tayler won a major grant to conduct dissertation research in Marburg.

Tesla Mellage '08, a Communications major and German Studies minor, followed her internship in the filmmaking industry in Köln with a full-time job at the TV station Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR).

Study abroad participation

Since 2005, we have sent 20 students on semester study abroad, including one student who studied German and French at the University of Fribourg, a bilingual French/German university in Switzlerland.

Undergraduate research

Six SURF presentations in the past four years… Elon College Fellows project (3 years) on Holocaust literature… co-authored article with our faculty on the 1961 film Judgment at Nuremberg… single-authored article on Günter Grass’s 2006 novel Peeling the Onion… co-authored article with our faculty on the 2011 film Dreiviertelmond… presentation with our faculty at ACTFL, the most prestigious language-education conference in the country.