Frequently Asked Questions

How many semester hours is the minor?

The minor requires 20 to 24 semester hours.  If a student places into 122 or higher, the 20 hours must include at least eight semester hours of Italian language courses. To see a list of required courses, click here.

Can I get minor credit for AP or a good placement test score?

Elon does have a placement test in place for Italian studies.  Transfer credit will be accepted and counted toward the minor as long as the number is appropriate to Elon’s numbering system.  AP credit must be approved by the Registrar’s office.

Can I get credit for courses not on the list?

Yes.  You can petition the Italian Studies Program Coordinator to approve other courses on a case-by-case basis. 

Can I get credit for study abroad courses?

We strongly recommend that you study abroad In Italy.  With the program coordinator’s approval you may count up to 12 hours of study abroad credit toward your minor. A course load of 12 hours in Florence is also strongly encouraged. Talk the Italian Studies minor advisor to discuss this in more detail.

What about summer study abroad?

In order to study abroad during the summer you must work closely with the program coordinator and the Isabella Cannon Centre for International Studies to find a program that meets the university’s requirements. During most alternating summers, you may participate in summer study abroad program in Assisi, Italy.

What can I do with an Italian Studies minor?

A minor in Italian Studies will allow students to become fluent in the language, thus giving them the skills to live and work in Italy and other Italian speaking countries. This ability coupled with each student’s major and other unique qualifications allows our minors to apply for jobs and pursue careers that may not otherwise be open to them, such as working for an Italian company in Italy or here in the United States. Most people think that business opportunities are the only ones that exist for Italian Studies minors, but while they are fairly common, we have students doing various other kinds of jobs. Please see our Alumni page for more information.

If you wish to speak to an alumnus of the Italian Studies minor, we can help you get in touch with them. Please contact Prof. Marina Melita ( or Prof. Samuele Pardini ( to get the conversation started.