Minor in Italian Studies

A minor in Italian Studies requires the following:

ITL 121  Elementary Italian I 4 sh
ITL 122  Elementary Italian II 4 sh
ITL 221  Intermediate Italian I 4 sh

Twelve semester hours selected from the following:  

  • ARH 310 Art History in Florence (study abroad)
  • COR 302 Italian Cinema
  • COR 357 Rome Since the Renaissance: Literature, Art and Cinema
  • COR 380 Florence Italy: Course Topic Varies Each Semester
  • ENG 368 Modern Italian Literature (study abroad)
  • FNA/GST 265 Fine Arts in Italy (study abroad)
  • GST 214 Contemporary Italy (study abroad
  • GST 216 The Italian-American Experience
  • GST 219 Modernity on Wheels
  • GST 222 Italy's Heritage: Past is Present (study abroad
  • GST 241 The Italian Comedy: Literature, History, Performance and its Legacy (study abroad)
  • GST 243 Culture of Ancient Rome
  • HST 327 Ancient Rome
  • HST 380 History of Contemporary Italy (study abroad)
  • ITL 222 Intermediate Italian II
  • ITL 300 Studies in Italy/semester abroad program (must be approved by minor coordinator)
  • IL 321 Italian Conversation
  • LAT 121 Elementary Latin I
  • LAT 122 Elementary Latin II
  • LAT 221 Intermediate Latin I
  • LAT 222 Intermediate Latin II
  • POL 350 Italian Politics and Government (study abroad)
  • THE 320 The Italian Comedic Tradition (Special Topics)

 Electives not listed above may be approved on a case-by-case basis after consultation with the program coordinator.

12 sh


20-24 sh

Italian Studies students are strongly encouraged to study abroad in Italy.  Up to 12 hours of language study can be counted toward the minor.

Most courses offered through Study Abroad in Italy count towards the minor. Please contact the Italian Studies Coordinator, Prof. Brandon Essary ( for more information.

* If a student places into the 122 level or higher, the student must take 20 semester hours for the Italian Studies minor, including at least eight semester hours of courses with the ITL prefix. Up to 12 hours of study abroad courses that emphasize Italian Studies’ subject matter may count for the minor as approved by the program coordinator.

This page was updated on June 30, 2014.