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Spanish Major and Minor

2013-14 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A major in Spanish is 44 hours and requires the following courses:

SPN 320 Reading Texts, Reading Life 4 sh
SPN 322 The Art of Written Communication 4 sh
SPN 350 Methods: Cultural and Literary Interpretations 4 sh

Culture/Civilization Courses*
Choose at least two of the courses numbered 33x or 43x

4 sh
  Literature Course**
Choose at least two of the courses numbered 35x or 45x
4 sh
  Advanced Language Courses**

Choose at least two of the courses numbered 34x or 44x

4 sh
SPN 485 Capstone Seminar (offered fall semester only) 4 sh
  One Elective Course* 4 sh


44 sh

*With the departmental approval, courses numbered 37x and 47x and/or courses taught in Spanish in an approved study abroad program may be used to fulfill this requirement.

** At least one of these courses must be taken on campus.

Spanish majors are required to study abroad for at least one semester in a program that has been approved by the university and the department. Credits earned in such a program may substitute for requirements for the major. A maximum of 16 semester hours per semester from courses taken abroad can apply to the Spanish major. Additional credits from abroad may be applied to general studies requirements, another major, or a minor as appropriate, or used as elective credit for graduation.

A maximum of four semester hours in internship credit can apply to the Spanish major.

A major in Spanish with Teacher Licensure, K-12, requires the above 44 semester hours plus 35 semester hours of professional studies courses in education and psychology. Students pursuing licensure to teach Spanish are required to take SPN 341 Linguistic Grammar and SPN 342 Phonetics.

Spanish Minor

A minor in Spanish requires 24 semester hours of courses taught in Spanish beginning with SPN 221 or higher. SPN 320 and 322 are required. A winter or summer term abroad in a Spanish-speaking country is strongly encouraged. A maximum of 12 semester hours of courses taught In Spanish abroad can apply to the minor.

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