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Alumni News

Julia Okada '14

I am headed off to South Korea to teach English for a year under a Fulbright grant. Afterwards, I plan to go to graduate school.

Michael Shutt '14

I will be working in a NC public school teaching social studies at the high school level. Not sure where yet...still looking!

Claire Mayo '14

It is my pleasure to let the History Department know that I am attending NYU for a Master of Arts in French Studies. I am very excited about this opportunity and am grateful for the department for their support in this process. Elon has been such a blessing to me, and the numerous opportunities for me to develop as a person and scholar have been the means by which to realize my dreams. I am very grateful.

Kirsten Hughes '14

I will be working in NYC after graduation at a company called FactSet. I will be a consultant for them and serve as a liaison between the financial software product they offer and the clients, who are mostly investment professionals and banks.

Caleb Lueck '14

I will be going to law school at Oklahoma City University School of Law.

Elizabeth McKie '14

I will be moving up to Washington, DC to work for Cambridge Associates, an investment consulting firm, working as a junior associate in their manager information group.

Patrick Creghan '14

I will be attending NC State University next year and will be getting my MA in History.

Catherine Russell '14

I just accepted a position to work with NC Forward on the Kay Hagan campaign starting in May. I will be a Field Organizer for the campaign working out of the Northwest part of the state.

Hunter Phillips '14

I will be attending the University of Florida Levin College of Law.

Kathryn Osborn '14

I have accepted a position to teach high school social studies at Southern High School in Durham.

Elizabeth Rhye '12

I am currently working as the Assistant Director of the Arthur J Moore Methodist Museum in St. Simon's Island, Georgia. I miss the professors at the History Department terribly! [Received July 5, 2012]

Brooke Dyson '12

I plan on finding a teaching position in a high school in MD or Northern VA. Eventually I will apply for the DODEA program and teach abroad. [Received June 12, 2012]

Dorothy Carr '12

I am graduating with a Teacher License in Secondary Social Studies. I will spend the summer looking for a teaching job in North Carolina as I am a NC Teaching Fellow. Right now I am interviewing with several school systems in Western North Carolina. Most places are still unsure of their needs, but hopefully by the end of July I will start hearing final news on where I may get a job. [Received May 17, 2012]

Elizabeth Maselli '12

This summer, I'll be working as an Assistant Camp Director for the NC Girl Scouts. After August 15th, I will start searching for jobs, and begin to look into graduate programs. [Received May 17, 2012]

Corey Hutkin '12

After I graduate I am moving to Philadelphia and start training for my two-year commitment to Teach for America in Greater Philadelphia. In August, I will start in a masters in urban education program at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education and begin teaching high school social studies at Mastery Charter School in Philadelphia. [Received May 17, 2012]

Kate MacDonald '12

My plans are to do Teach for America in Philadelphia. I'm working for Mastery Charter Schools teaching secondary Special Education at the Shoemaker Campus. I am also attending the University of Pennsylvania as I pursue my masters degree in Urban Teaching. [Received May 29, 2012]

Jacob Chitwood '11

I plan on working as an Associate Quality Assurance Engineer with Fidelity Investments in Durham, NC.

Kelli Evans '11

I'm hopefully going to graduate school in the fall at either Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA for the African American Studies Masters program or at either the University of Kent, University of Nottingham, or the University College of London in England for their Classical Studies Masters Programs. [Received June 2011]

It is with great excitement that I can let you know that I did get accepted into Clark Atlanta University's African American Studies Master's program! [Received August 10, 2011]

Hannah Gardner '11

I'm headed to southern Spain for a year starting in September to teach English in a public school.

Damion Guy '11

I'll be commissioned in the Army National Guard as a 2nd lieutenant. In my civilian career, I will be starting my job as a private investigator in Raleigh, NC.

Kristin Delforge '11

I plan to go to law school in NC.

Mark Eastham '11

I am attending the Univerersity of Arkansas-Clinton School of Public Service to pursue a masters degree. I start in mid-August. I enjoyed my time at Elon and feel that it prepared me to enter the world as a working adult both socially and academically. My history major will help me in graduate school in many ways. Firstly, I have learned to write well-researched, well-written, and supported arguments which will definitely come in handy in my further studies. Also, history has helped me to understand and have knowledge of the developments of different cultures around the globe. My degree will require me to work abroad and having this understanding of different cultures and peoples, and their histories will surely come in handy. [Received June 3, 2011]

Joanna Rabiej '11

My history classes at Elon taught me how to read text closely and analyze at a deeper level. I feel these skills will be crucial in law school, and I am thankful to the history department for helping me develop them over the past four years. In some cases, students only read at a surface level, but in all of my history classes, I was urged to analyze the texts for deeper meanings and to extract important information. Also, because I took a lot of history classes about minority history (African-American history, American Indian history, Women's history), my interest in these areas grew immensely. I plan on becoming a family lawyer, and the minority history classes were integral in helping me figure out what kind of law I wanted to do and what kind of people I wanted to help. Lastly, it is my belief that it is hard to be a successful attorney unless you are aware of the past. Through my history classes, I learned about the development of social history and corresponding laws. I feel this knowledge will also be crucial because it will allow me to understand what I am learning in law school better because I am aware of what came before it. [Received June 16, 2011]

Torrie Thomas '11

I have been contacted by the Smithsonian for an opportunity to intern at the Center  for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, so I am in the process of obtaining that for the summer. I am also in the process of traveling to New Zealand for several months, preferably around the time the Rugby World Cup will be hosted.

Brian Vivona '11

I will be working at the Credit Suisse in Manhattan, NY.

Amber Woods '11

During my four years at Elon University, I was able to take advantage of a variety of different experiences through the History and Geography Department. I took classes that integrated multiple different aspects of history into unique themes, like Slavery and Resistance. Not only did these classes teach me more about the subject matter, they also helped me develop stronger analytical and writing skills. My academic advisor helped me craft a schedule that appealed to my specific interest in public history and museum studies. I took a 4-credit internship at Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum where I developed educational programs and executed a grant. I gained valuable practical experience in my future career field while getting credit for undergraduate coursework.

While at Elon University, I took advantage of undergraduate research opportunities like the Honors Fellows and the Lumen Prize. Through these programs, I was able to work with a faculty mentor to do original scholarship and write a 60-page thesis. This experience has prepared me for the challenges of graduate school and will help me succeed in my future endeavors. In August 2011, I will start a 2-year graduate program at UNC Greensboro in Public History and Museum Studies. After completing this program, I will hopefully find work in a history museum or at a historic site in North Carolina. [Received July 15, 2011]

Megan Wynn '11

I will be interning for the summer at Monticello.


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