Department of History and Geography

Geography Minor

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A minor in geography requires 20 semester hours chosen from the following courses:

GEO 131 The World's Regions 4 sh
Choose two courses from the following: 8 sh

ENS 111/113

Introduction to Environmental Science and Lab

GEO 121

Global Physical Environments
GEO/ENS 250 Introduction to GIS


World in the 20th Century

PHY 103

Introduction to Geology


International Relations

GST 275-IS

China: Flying Dragon

GEO 279-IS

Ghana: an Exploration of West Africa's History and Culture
  Any 200-level GEO course
Eight semester hours of 300-400-level GEO electives* 8 sh

*Includes COR 404: Africans and African Development

 TOTAL20 sh

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