Department of History and Geography

The department offers two HST Senior Seminars each academic year, including one US option and one non-US option. What follows is based on the best information available and is subject to change.  Those furthest off are necessarily the most speculative.

Spring 2015

HST 460 - Senior Seminar: Nazi Germany (Dr. David Crowe)
This research seminar, which will culminate in a Senior Thesis, focuses not only on the history of Nazi Germany from 1933 - 1945 but also the history of the Nazi movement from the early post - World War I period. It will also look at post - Nazi Europe, particularly as it relates to the various war crimes tribunals set up to deal with Nazi war criminals and efforts to denazify Germany. To better prepare students for the research and writing of their Senior Thesis, there will be some readings to help students better understand the basics of Nazi German history.

Fall 2015

HST 467 WG - Senior Seminar: U.S. Gender and Sexuality (Dr. Mary Jo Festle)
How have notions of what it meant to be masculine and feminine changed over the centuries and why did they change? How did men and women experience life differently? What factors affected what was considered appropriate sexually and who enforced the standards? In this seminar, students will read and discuss books and articles related to these questions before choosing an individual research topic. Then they will do high-quality research in primary and secondary sources, show an awareness of historiographical debates, and write a paper with a coherent and well-evidenced argument.

Spring 2016

HST 469 - Senior Seminar: Classical Antiquity (Dr. Hui-hua Chang)
In this senior seminar, we will explore social, cultural, and political aspects of life in Classical Greece and Rome. Topics will include daily life, religion, varieties of classical government, imperialism, slavery, women and gender, warfare, Romanization, the arts as a window onto society, and means and motives of travel. We will examine the writings of ancient authors, archaeological remains, and also modern studies and interpretations of our extant ancient evidence. A major component of the class will be the writing of an independent research paper, which should demonstrate a mastery of the skills required for History majors.

Fall 2016

HST 4XX - Senior Seminar: Europe, specific topic TBD (Dr. Michael Carignan)

Spring 2017

HST 4XX - Senior Seminar: US, specific topic TBD (Dr. Rod Clare)

Fall 2017

HST 4XX - Senior Seminar: World/Comparative, specific topic TBD (Dr. Michael Matthews)