Department of History and Geography

Study Abroad

HST 257: World War II: On the Ground
Dr. Jim Brown

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This course provides an opportunity to explore the impact the events of World War II and the Holocaust had on individuals and society. This class will focus on civilian life, but also will look at some military aspects of the war. We will see where Allied armies came ashore in Normandy. In Amsterdam, we'll tour the house where Anne Frank and her family hid; at the Dutch Resistance Museu, we'll study the myriad ways civilians resisted German occupation. The actions of the Nazis toward domestic dissenters in Berlin and toward Jews, Czechs and Poles in Prague, Krakow and Warsaw will be the subject of other explorations. We will examine ordinary peoples' experiences and how they dealt with them.

Prerequisite: Mandatory pre-course metings the fall prior to departure. Application prior to Nov. 1 and additional travel fee are required.

HST 279: Ghana: West African History and Culture
Dr. Brian Digre

This course is designed to allow Elon students to experience life in vibrant, modern Ghana while gaining an appreciation for the country's rich past. The class will integrate studying with Ghanaian professors and visits to fascinating sites throughout the country. Students will learn about the powerful Asante state, the tragic Atlantic slave trade, Ghana's contemporary history and the challenges facing Africa today. We might discuss an African novel with a Ghanaian professor one day; on another, visit a village of craftsmen who make kente cloth. Our travels will take us to African markets, craft centers, museums, castles, beaches, a tropical rainforest and a savannah game park. Some of your best experiences may be trying Ghanaian food, listening to African music or conversations you have along the way. The class actively assists Ghanaian development projects, especially in the Volta Region. There, students also have enjoyed family visits in the rural community of Sokode.

This course partially fulfills Elon's general studies requirement in civilization. It also satisfies the experiential learning requirement and counts toward the African/African American studies minor.

Prerequisite: STA 279A, taken the fall prior to departure. An additional travel fee is required.