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Andrea Sinn named Stella S. and John C. O’Briant Developing Professor in History
<p>Sinn, an assistant professor of history, joined the Elon faculty in 2016 and is also director of Elon&rsquo;s Jewish Studies program.</p>
Kesgin publishes research in major international relations journal on foreign policy hawks and doves
<p>The research by Assistant Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies Baris Kesgin into&nbsp;<a href="">the characteristics of hawks and doves in foreign policy</a>&nbsp;was&nbsp;<span>published recently in&nbsp;</span><span>Cooperation and Conflict</span>.</p>
Claussen publishes article on &lsquo;vulnerable strangers&rsquo;
<p>Religious Studies Professor Geoffrey Claussen&#39;s new article appears in the journal Studies in Judaism, Humanities, and the Social Sciences.</p>
Holocaust survivor Hank Brodt speaks about remembrance at LaRose Digital Theatre
<p>Brodt, a native of Poland who now lives in High Point, N.C., shared his story of tragedy and strength through one of the darkest periods in history during his Feb. 13 visit to Elon.</p>
Kesgin publishes paper on when leaders make uncharacteristic foreign policy choices
<p>Assistant Professor of Political Science Baris Kesgin&rsquo;s recent research is based on the premise that when leaders depart from their long-held, publicly known policy positions, one possible explanation is changes in their personality. Kesgin puts this assumption to test in the case of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon&rsquo;s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in August 2005.</p>
Article by Geoffrey Claussen republished in new ethics collection
<p>Claussen&rsquo;s article is included in Virtue Ethics,&nbsp;edited by Tom Angier (Routledge, 2018).</p>
Claussen publishes article on war and humility
&nbsp; <p>Religious Studies Professor Geoffrey Claussen&#39;s new article appears in the journal&nbsp;<em>Interreligious Studies and Interreligious Theology</em>.</p>
Claussen publishes translation of 19th century Jewish text
<p>Religious Studies Professor Geoffrey Claussen&#39;s new translation appears in a volume published by Brandeis University Press.</p>
Elon University to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 12
<p>Thursday&rsquo;s events include a conversation with two local Holocaust survivors and a film screening, a Ceremony of Remembrance, Reading of the Names, and Remembrance and Resistance - Theatrical Readings and a Discussion.</p>
Claussen publishes on Eastern European Jewish moral education
<p>Religious Studies Professor Geoffrey Claussen&#39;s new article appears in the journal Polin.</p>
Major gift to endow scholarship, deepen funding for Jewish studies
<p>Elon Trustee and parent Eric Sklut and his wife, Lori Sklut, of Charlotte, North Carolina, will help bring outstanding students to the university and strengthen funding for a Jewish studies professorship.</p>
Claussen presents on Jewish depictions of the vulnerable stranger
<p>Religious Studies Professor Geoffrey Claussen presented at the 2017 American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting in Boston.&nbsp;</p>
Claussen publishes on &#39;Angels, Humans, and the Struggle for Moral Excellence&#39;
<p>Religious Studies Professor Geoffrey Claussen&#39;s chapter is included in &quot;Jewish Religious and Philosophical Ethics<em>,&quot;&nbsp;</em>published by Routledge</p>
Inspired by Elon, Sklut family seeks to inspire others
<p>Elon trustee Eric Sklut and his wife, Lori,&nbsp;are leaders in&nbsp;supporting Jewish Life on Elon&#39;s campus.</p>
Elon prepares to celebrate Jewish New Year
<p>Rosh Hashanah begins Sept.&nbsp;20.&nbsp;Elon students plan to lead prayer services and join in community meals</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Claussen&#39;s book prompts roundtable of essays in The Journal of Jewish Ethics
<p>The&nbsp;essays were published in response to Associate Professor of Religious Studies&nbsp;Geoffrey Claussen&#39;s recent book, &quot;Sharing the Burden.&quot;</p>
Elon Jewish Studies faculty to attend N.C. Jewish Studies Consortium meeting
<p>Faculty members will attend the keynote lecture by Professor Cheryl Lynn of Trinity College.&nbsp;</p>
Elon University Hillel announces staffing changes
<p>Staff expands to serve growing Jewish student body</p>
Holocaust survivor Zev Harel: &#39;Do all you can to be as good as you can be&#39;
<p>Harel, a professor emeritus at Cleveland State University,&nbsp;inspires audience at Elon University.</p>
Jazz, Klezmer and <em>son cubano</em>? The performance of &#39;Hatuey: Memory of Fire&#39;
<p>Spanish Instructor Quiqui Lang Hilgartner in the World Languages and Cultures Department&nbsp;tries her hand at versifying opera.</p>
Tourn&eacute;es French Film Festival at Elon concludes
<p>On Sunday, March 5, Elon hosted students, faculty and staff from Elon and the community for the closing of the Tourn&eacute;es French Film Festival: Join the R&eacute;sistance!</p>
Tourn&eacute;es French Film Festival opens at Elon
<p>On Sunday, Feb., Elon hosted students, faculty and staff from Elon and the community for the opening of the Tourn&eacute;es French Film Festival: Join the <em>R&eacute;sistance!</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Claussen publishes chapter on &#39;The Kaddish, the Allegory of the Cave, and the Golden Calf&#39;
<p>Religious Studies Professor Geoffrey Claussen&#39;s chapter was published in <em>Kaddish</em>,&nbsp;edited by David Birnbaum and Martin S. Cohen</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Elon celebrates International Ladino Day
<p>&quot;Kreer i esperar es la vida alargar&quot; -&nbsp; &quot;Believing and hoping makes life longer&quot;&nbsp;</p>
Ladino Lives at Elon - Nov. 30
<p>Come&nbsp;experience the magic of Jewish Spanish and Sephardic Culture!</p>
A very &ldquo;Cuban week&rdquo; for Judith K. Lang Hilgartner &lsquo;10
<p>Cuban music and poetry highlight this past week both at Elon and the University of Virginia.</p>
Rabbi Irving Greenberg: Seeing Israel, A Real Life Nation Through a Theological Lens - April 7
<p><strong>Thursday, April 7</strong><br /> <span class="highlight_maroon"><span><strong>Rabbi Irving Greenberg, &ldquo;Seeing Israel, A Real Life Nation Through a Theological Lens: A Reflection on Jewish and Christian Perspectives&rdquo;</strong></span></span><br /> <em>McBride Gathering Space, Numen Lumen Pavilion, 7:30 p.m.</em></p>
Geoffrey Claussen publishes on Jewish perspectives on wealth and poverty
<p>Claussen&#39;s paper titled &ldquo;The Legacy of the Kelm School of Musar on Questions of Work, Wealth and Poverty,&rdquo; appears&nbsp;in <em>Wealth and Poverty in Jewish Tradition</em>, ed. Leonard J. Greenspoon (Purdue University Press)</p>
Hillel College Guide lists Elon among top &#39;Schools Jews Choose&#39;
<p>The 2015 fall edition of Hillel College Guide lists Elon University among the most frequently attended schools by Jewish students based on the total number of enrolled undergraduates.</p>
Geoffrey Claussen publishes on dangerous visions of &#39;repairing the world&#39;
<p>Claussen&#39;s paper was published in &quot;Tikkun Olam: Judaism, Humanism &amp; Transcendence&quot;, edited by David Birnbaum and Martin S. Cohen</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
New book brings to life Judaism&#39;s &#39;Elder of Kelm&#39;
<p><span>&quot;Sharing the Burden: Rabbi Simhah Zissel Ziv and the Path of Musar&quot;&nbsp;by Assistant Professor Geoffrey Claussen recounts the life of a 19th century Jewish leader who greatly influenced a movement focused on the development of human character.</span></p>
Culinary historian to speak on Black-Jewish Identity Cooking - Nov. 10
<p><span>Culinary historian and chef Michael W. Twitty will lead discussion over dinner on the theme of &quot;Kosher/Soul: Black-Jewish Identity Cooking.&quot; RSVP required.</span></p>
Shuly Schwartz: &#39;Rugelach, Rummage Sales, Rabbis and Rosh Hodesh Groups: The Transformative Power of American Jewish Feminism&#39; &ndash; Nov. 4
<p>Elon University&rsquo;s Center for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society, and the Jewish Studies Program, host the acclaimed&nbsp;historian for a talk about Jewish Feminism in America</p>
Elon listed in &#39;Top 60 Private Schools Jews Choose&#39;
<p><span>The inaugural issue of Hillel College Guide lists Elon University among the most frequently attended schools by Jewish students based on the total number of enrolled undergraduates.</span></p>
Geoffrey Claussen publishes on &quot;War, Scripture, and Moral Accounting&quot;
<p>Claussen&#39;s article was published in the June 2015 issue of The Journal of Scriptural Reasoning</p>
Geoffrey Claussen presents at international conference on religion and violence
<span>Geoffrey Claussen, Lori and Eric Sklut Emerging Scholar in Jewish Studies and Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies, presented a paper at Wake Forest University&#39;s April 2015 International Conference on Religion, Violence and Peace.&nbsp;</span> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Jon Levenson, &#39;The Binding of Isaac in the Three &quot;Abrahamic&quot; Traditions: The Jewish-Christian-Muslim Debate&#39; - March 17
Geoffrey Claussen elected president of the Society of Jewish Ethics
Elon student awarded Holocaust Studies scholarship
<p>Kelly Swaim &rsquo;17, recipient of the Miriam and Abe Brenner Holocaust Education Scholarship, traveled to Europe during Winter Term 2015 as part of Elon&rsquo;s &quot;Holocaust Journey&quot; study abroad course.</p>
David M. Crowe presents research on international law
<p>One of Elon University&#39;s top scholars shared new work this fall into the evolution of Nazi laws that stripped Jews of their possessions during Hitler&#39;s reign and of the first genocide trials conducted after World War II.</p>
&#39;Praying with their Legs: Rabbi Abraham Joshua&nbsp;Heschel&nbsp;and the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.&#39; - Oct. 21
<p>Susannah Heschel (Dartmouth College) will speak&nbsp;<span>about the friendship and shared vision of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and her father, Rabbi Abraham Joshua&nbsp;</span><span class="il">Heschel, at 7:30 p.m. in the Numen Lumen Pavilion.</span></p>
Elon honored for diversity &amp; inclusion programs
<p>INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine has recognized Elon with a 2014 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award, an accolade that reflects ongoing university efforts to celebrate and support students, staff, faculty and alumni of all backgrounds and beliefs.</p>
Geoffrey Claussen publishes on Jewish Studies pedagogy
<p>Claussen&#39;s article is included in the summer 2014 issue of&nbsp;<em>Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies</em> (Purdue University Press).</p>
Jewish artist Diane Palley to present and lead workshop at Elon - April 24
<p>The world-renowned artist&nbsp;will share her work&nbsp;in the Numen Lumen Pavilion on Thursday, April 24, at 5:30 p.m.</p>
Honoring the innocent, one name at a time
<p>Elon University students, faculty and staff took part Monday in the &quot;Reading of the Names,&quot; a daylong effort on the front steps of Moseley Center that marked the start of Holocaust Remembrance Week on campus.</p>
Holocaust survivor Maj. Gen. Sidney Shachnow to speak at Elon - April 28
<p>Major General Sidney Shachnow will be speaking at Elon University to mark the conclusion of Holocaust Remembrance Day on Monday, April 28, at 7:30 p.m.</p>
Samuel Moyn to lecture on human rights and the Holocaust
<p>The noted intellectual historian&nbsp;will be speaking in the Numen Lumen Pavilion March 13 at 7:30 p.m.</p>
American classical composer to visit Elon for three public events
<p>Daniel Asia, a renowned professor of composition at the University of Arizona, comes to campus March 3-4 for programs sponsored by the Department of Music, the&nbsp;Fund for Excellence in the Arts and Sciences and the Lori and Eric&nbsp;Sklut Emerging Scholar in Jewish Studies Fund.</p>
Elon hosts conference on Jewish-Christian relations
<p>A dozen leading scholars of religious studies visited Elon on Nov. 17 for the inaugural Elon University Conference on Jewish-Christian Relations.</p>
Student-faculty conversations highlight Global Neighborhood house dinner
<p>Students living in Elon&#39;s newest residential neighborhood met Nov. 5 to consider tough issues related to the Holocaust.</p>