Jewish Studies Minor Requirements

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

The Jewish Studies minor at Elon requires one course (REL 205) and a minimum of 16 additional semester hours in Jewish Studies.  No more than 12 total credit hours from one department may count towards the minor.  (This means that, in addition to REL 205, only 8 other hours can come from Religious Studies.)  Students may count up to 12 credit hours toward minors in both Middle East Studies and Jewish Studies.  Up to 12 credit hours of study abroad courses in Jewish Studies may count for the minor, as approved by the program coordinator.

The minor in Jewish Studies requires:

  • REL 205: Jewish Traditions (4 sh)

Sixteen semester hours selected from the following courses:

  • ARH 376: Contact/Conflict/Culture: The Visual Culture of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (4 sh)
  • COR 227: Holocaust Perpetrators (4 sh)
  • COR 240-IS/ENG 240-IS: Holocaust Journey (4 sh)
  • COR 289: Israel, Palestinian Territories, and Jordan: Living Stones of Peace (4 sh)
  • ENG 259: Literature of the Holocaust (4 sh)
  • HEB 121: Elementary Modern Hebrew I (4 sh)
  • HEB 122: Elementary Modern Hebrew II (4 sh)
  • HEB 221: Intermediate Modern Hebrew I (4 sh)
  • HEB 222: Intermediate Modern Hebrew II (4 sh)
  • HST 316: The Modern Middle East (4 sh)
  • HST 338: Germany: War, Democracy and Hitler, 1914- 1945 (4 sh)
  • HST 339: A History of the Holocaust (4 sh)
  • HST 460: Seminar: Nazi Germany (4 sh)
  • JST  481  Internship in Jewish Studies  (1-4 sh) (Prerequisite: one course in Jewish Studies and permission of the coordinator)
  • JST  491  Independent Study in Jewish Studies (1-4 sh) (Prerequisite: permission of the coordinator)
  • PHL 339: Martin Buber and the Eclipse of God (2 sh)
  • PHL 350: The Spirit of Israel (4 sh)
  • PHL 361: Themes in the Films of Woody Allen (4 sh)
  • REL 211: The Hebrew Bible (4 sh)
  • REL 212: Introduction to the New Testament (4 sh)
  • REL 239: Judaism and the Environment (4 sh)
  • REL 271: Jews, Greeks and Romans: Being Jewish in the Classical World (4 sh)
  • REL 324: Theodicy: The Problem of Evil in Ancient Jewish and Christian Literature (4 sh)
  • REL 325: The Apocalyptic Imagination, Ancient and Modern (4 sh)
  • REL 326: Sex Lives of Saints (4 sh)
  • REL 327: Messiahs, Martyrs, and Memory (4 sh)
  • REL 366: Jews and Muslims: Symbiosis, Cooperation, and Conflict (4 sh)
  • REL 367: Religion and Empire in Late Antiquity (4 sh)
  • REL 379: Jewish-Christian Dialogue (4 sh)
  • REL 382: Jewish Ethics (4 sh)
  • REL 383: Jewish Mysticism and Philosophy: Guiding the Perplexed (4 sh)
  • REL 384: Modern Jewish Thought (4 sh)
  • REL 460: Gods and Monsters in Biblical Traditions (4 sh)
  • REL 461: War in the Jewish Tradition (4 sh)

The following courses may count as elective courses with a course research project in Jewish Studies, as approved by the Jewish Studies program coordinator:

  • GST 218: Kafka and the Kafkaesque (4 sh)
  • GST 359: The Media and the Middle East (4 sh)
  • POL 366: Middle East Politics (4 sh)
  • SOC 341: Race and Ethnic Relations (4 sh)

Descriptions for each of these courses are available here.

Declaring the Minor

To declare a minor in Jewish Studies, stop by the Academic Advising Center in Duke 108 or fill out the online Minor Declaration Form.  Please also email Jewish Studies coordinator Prof. Geoffrey Claussen to be added to the minor email list.

Independent Major in Jewish Studies

Highly-motivated students may seek approval to design an independent major in Jewish Studies, following Elon's guidelines for independent majors.  Students must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and no more than 66 completed semester hours when applying for the program.  Please contact Prof. Geoffrey Claussen if you are interested in exploring this possibility.

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