Upcoming Jewish Studies Courses

Winter 2017

GBL 240: Holocaust Journey (Prof. Lyday and Prof. Landesberg)

HST 376: Trauma and Displacement in Postwar Europe (Prof. Sinn)

PHL 375: Films of Woody Allen (Prof. Lubling)

POL 272: Profiles in Courage from the Middle East (Prof. Kesgin)

REL 276: Conflict and Early Christianity (Prof. Mbuvi)

Spring 2017

ENG 259: Literature of the Holocaust (Prof. Lyday)

HEB 122: Modern Elementary Hebrew II (Prof. Avraham-Katz)

HEB 222: Modern Intermediate Hebrew II (Prof. Avraham-Katz)

HST 339: History of the Holocaust (Prof. Sinn)

REL 211: The Hebrew Bible (Prof. Claussen)

REL 384: Modern Jewish Thought (Prof. Claussen)

REL 460: Gods and Monsters (Prof. Huber)