Leadership Studies Minor

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Curriculum Changes

In forming and implementing the Leadership Studies minor in 2005-2006, the Leadership Advisory Board sought to create a program that provided the best and most well-rounded academic leadership experience for students. In Spring 2010, and after being in place for five years, a curriculum review was undertaken. Based on the Board’s and students’ assessments of the program and courses, modifications were made and formally approved by Elon’s Curriculum Committee.  

These changes are fairly minor, but did involve some course deletions, additions, and changes; and all were implemented because it was felt that they would strengthen students’ experiences. Please read Transitions Implications for Current Minors to see how these changes may specifically relate to you if you are a minor.

A minor in Leadership Studies requires the following courses:

LED 210 Foundations of Leadership Studies 4 sh
Four semester hours selected from the following: 4 sh
PHL 215 Ethics & Decision Making 
PHL 212 Ethical Practice
Four semester hours selected from the following:
4 sh
MGT 412 Advanced Organizational Behavior
PSY 368 The Psychology of Leadership
Eight semester hours selected from the following:
  • COM 232 Public Relations and Civic Responsibility
  • COM 234 Broadcasting in the Public Interest
  • COM 300 Persuasion
  • COM 310 Reporting for the Public Good
  • ENG 304 Understanding Rhetoric
  • HSS 213 Groups and Communities
  • HSS 320 Group Dynamics and Leadership
  • HSS 411 Administration of Human Services Agencies
  • HST 338 Germany: War, Democracy and Hitler, 1914-1945
  • HST 357 America’s Civil War
  • HST 365 Social Movements in Post-Civil War America
  • POL 325 The Presidency
  • POL 326 The Congress
  • PSY 241 Social Psychology
  • SOC 243 Sociology of Education
  • SOC 331 The Self and Society
  • SOC 343 Social and Cultural Change
  • Please refer to Academic Catalog and OnTrack each semester for additional electives

** Please Note: Students may only take 4 credits
of electives at the 200-level **

8 sh


20 sh

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