Transition Implications for Current Minors

All Students

LED 210 was previously and still is a requirement for the minor. LED 210 was formerly Group Dynamics and Leadership; LED 210 is now Foundations of Leadership Studies. Either one of these LED 210 courses will satisfy the requirement. If you have not yet taken LED 210 yet, you will take it as Foundational Studies of Leadership (Group Dynamics and Leadership no longer exists).

2010-2011 Seniors

LED 450 Leadership in Action no longer exists and will not be offered. To complete your minor, you still need to complete the above requirements and 20 semester hours. To do this, you should take an additional elective from the list provided here.

2010-2011 Sophomores and Juniors

New courses are being created to replace LED 450, that will provide a more fully integrated capstone-like experience. These will be offered in Spring 2012. You should plan on taking these then. As such, you should only look to take one elective rather than two, as the requirements indicate. Based on feedback from students and faculty, considerable effort has already gone into creating these courses. However, logistics and the curriculum approval process will only allow for them to be offered in Spring 2012. It should be noted that these new courses will not be required, but recommended. Students, should they choose, may simply take two other electives if they do not want to take these new courses.

Please contact Dr. Chris Leupold if you have any questions at all about which courses you should be taking. Our primary goal is to strengthen the program, not create obstacles during this transition!