Outstanding Mathematics Education Students Award
North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics

In an effort to encourage student enjoyment of mathematics and mathematics education, the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics recognizes outstanding mathematics education students at colleges and universities across the state. Each college and university with a teacher education program is asked to nominate one undergraduate student from their institution worthy of this recognition. The student must be a rising junior or senior working towards elementary, middle school, or secondary certification. The nominated students are entered into a competition with other students from their NCCTM region. One student is selected from each region, and the winning students are invited to attend the State Mathematics Conference in October where they are recognized and receive their awards.

2016 Taylor Cesarski
2013 Leigh Iller
2012 Sandy Weiss
2011 Kathryn Huffman
2010 Amanda Lee Ketner
2005 David Runkle
2004 Jennifer Lee Davis
2003 Elizabeth Sherriff
2002 Jeanette Olli
2001 Julie Pelter
1998 Lyndsey Shelton Jessup
1997 Danny Modlin
1995 Winn Crenshaw
1993 Emily Viverette
1990 Julia Morris

Noyce Scholars

The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program provides funds to institutions of higher education “to support scholarships, stipends and academic programs for undergraduate STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) majors and post-baccalaureate students holding STEM degrees that earn a teaching credential and commit to teaching in high-need K-12 school districts.” Each of these students receive $21,900 scholarships during both their junior and senior years. Their program is supplemented with special experiences, including extra mentoring by university and secondary-school educators during both their undergraduate experiences as well as in their early years of teaching.

2014 Amy Heaton, Emma Luparello, and Julie Merritt
2013 Lauren Johnson, Sarah Neuhauser
2012 Robin French, Jaime Morin, Stephanie Stanglin
2011 Crystal Edwards, Madelyne Rooney

Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most prestigious of all academic honor societies, celebrates and advocates excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. The following mathematics and statistics majors received an invitation to membership in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements.

2017 Jennifer Faig, Peter Jakes and Emily Swanson
2016 Taylor Cesarski, Jacyln DeVincent, Stephanie Lobaugh
2015 Erin Donahue and Mary Macdonald
2014 Andrew Fischer, Amy Good, Nakhila Mistry, Lisa Picklesimer, KimberlyPeterson, Christopher Shill
2013 Emily Buehler, Jill Padfield, Sandy Weiss
2012 Amanda Coe, Courtney Whalen
2011 Greg Mader, Amy Eubanks, Amanda Ketner, Melissa Turowski
2010 Jen Batchelor, Amanda Brown, Parker Cramer, Kelsey Davis, Melissa Gaisser, Cindy Goodson, Joe Simmons

Other Student Recognition


Peter        Jakes ’17

Lumen Scholar
Nicole Soltz ’17

Outstanding Student Presentation by an Undergrauate at the Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference at UNC-G

Maddie Edwards ’15 Walt and Susan Patterson Prize for the outstanding undergraduate student presentation at the southeastern Section of the MAA conference



Nakhila Mistry ’14 Fulbright U. S. Student Award to Sri Lanka


Alison Miller '13  

Undergraduate Research Presentation Award at the
8th Annual UNCG Mathematics and Statistics Conference
Jill Padfield '13 Arnold Strauch Student Teaching Award from the School of Education


Amanda Bienz   '12  National Science Foundation Fellowship    
Keyona Osborne '12         Phillips Perry Black Excellence Award      
Grace Foster '14 CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Award    
Leigg Iller '14 Lumen Scholar    
Andrew Fischer '14 Lumen Scholar    

                    2010 -2011

Crystal Edwards '14

Black Excellence Award for highest GPA for a female freshman
Keyona Osborne '12 Black Excellence Award for highest GPA for a female junior      
Sam Jennings '11 Outstanding performance in student teaching from
the School of Education


Amanda Brown '10     Lumen Scholar                                                                   
Cynthia Goodson '10   Lumen Scholar