Dance Science

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

The mission of the Dance Science degree program is to prepare students with a breadth of knowledge in the sub disciplines of dance science and for students to reach their highest technical and creative potential in a variety of dance forms. The focus is on the practical application of scientific principles to enhance dance and movement performance, improve dance training, reduce injury and contribute to the overall well being of dancers.No audition is required for this major.

The B.S. in Dance Science does not require an audition to enroll and students can complete the B.S. at level I or II dance proficiency. If students desire a level III technique class they will need to take a placement level audition class. Students will only be placed in level III if they pass the audition class and if there is space available. Priority in level III technique classes goes to B.F.A. Dance Performance and Choreography majors.  

A major in Dance Science (B.S. degree) requires the following:


BIO 263 Human Anatomy 4 sh
BIO 264 Human Physiology 4 sh
DAN 102 Somatic Theories I 4 sh
DAN 202 Somatic Theories II 4 sh
4 semester hours covering at least three of the following DAN areas:
  • DAN 104-404 Modern I-VI 1 sh each
  • DAN 106-406 Ballet I-VI 1 sh each
  • DAN 107-307 Jazz I-IV 1sh each
  • DAN 105-305 Tap I-III 1sh each
4 sh
DAN 108 A/B World Dance I/II 4sh
ESS 295 Research Methods 4sh

Total foundations

 28 sh

Applications courses

DAN 302 Dance History II 4 sh
ESS 321 Biomechanics 4 sh
ESS 342 Sport Psychology 4 sh
ESS 422 Physiology of Exercise 4 sh
ESS 495 Senior Seminar 4 sh
8 credit hours of electives from the following choices or other courses per the approval of the coordinator:
  • DAN 315: Advanced Yoga, Philosophy and Theory
  • DAN 320: Special Topics in Dance Pedagogy
  • ESS 270: Therapeutic Approaches to Exercise
  • ESS 372: Bioenergetics of Physical Activity
  • PEH 324: Nutrition
8 sh

Total applications

28 sh

Total credits

56 sh

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