Dr. James Charles Marchant is an Assistant Professor of Arts Administration and also serves as the Program Coordinator for the Arts Administration program at Elon University. He is an attorney and arts administrator and has a background in nonprofit administration in both the arts and social service sectors. He teaches Introduction to Arts Administration, Approaches to Arts Administration, Legal Aspects of Arts & Entertainment, Senior Seminar, Global Studies courses and supervises Arts Administration internships. He serves as the faculty co-advisor for the Performing Arts Living Learning Center and is in charge of House Management with the Department of Performing Arts.

Before joining the faculty at Elon University, Dr. Marchant was an Assistant Professor and Program Director of the Arts Administration Master of Fine Arts (“M.F.A.”) program at Southern Utah University (“SUU”). In addition to running the M.F.A. program, he also created a Master of Arts (“M.A.”) online program that allows students to meet twice in person while completing the majority of requirements fully online. Prior to SUU, Dr. Marchant was a Professor in and the Program Coordinator of the Arts Administration M.A. program at the Savannah College of Art & Design where he coordinated the Arts Administration programs in Atlanta, Savannah and online.

Although Dr. Marchant has been involved in the arts throughout his lifetime, prior to shifting to Arts Administration for a career, he worked as an attorney in the areas of employment law and general litigation as well as social service legal work. While in law school, he was involved with groups supporting asylum claims to the United States and worked in the area of death penalty defense. Prior to law school, he worked in the area of nonprofit administration for organizations involved in social service work including legal work for people who were homeless, people with disabilities and people with HIV and AIDS. Throughout all of his careers, Dr. Marchant has volunteered with and/or served on the board of directors for various arts organizations including choral groups, dance companies, theatre companies and opera companies. During his time at The Ohio State University, he expanded his experience to cover the visual arts in museums, galleries and studios.

In research, Dr. Marchant is interested in issues surrounding controversial and provocative work, their place in social justice development throughout the world and the effect they have on the nonprofit organizations producing or presenting the work and the effect they have on the local community where they occur. He is currently interested in how the arts are utilized to develop, strengthen and revitalize small communities where he is focused in the arts in Provincetown, Massachusetts and in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. He is a member of the Association of Arts Administration Educators and is a regular presenter at the annual international conference on Social Theory, Politics & the Arts.  He also serves as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Arts Administration, Law & Society.

Dr. Marchant earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Justice with a concentration in Theatre from The American University in Washington, D.C. He received his Juris Doctor degree from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University. He received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Art Education focusing in Cultural Policy and Arts Administration with a minor in Theatre & Performance Studies from The Ohio State University where he researched how theatres can successfully produce controversial and provocative work.