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Elon University’s Philosophy Department sees this post-doc position as an opportunity to share our passion for excellent, innovative teaching, as an opportunity to infuse our department with fresh perspectives and ideas, and, as a way to make progress in influencing the way that philosophy is taught in the U.S.

Elon’s philosophy department prides itself on being teaching-and learning-centered.  We have a particular interest in engaged learning, and we often work together to develop innovative and practical pedagogies.  We are committed to offering our students opportunities not only to gain philosophical knowledge, but also (and perhaps more importantly) to adopt philosophical habits, and to enable those habits to foster greater flourishing in their lives and in the lives of their family, friends, and communities.  Our community allows for an unusual degree of collaboration regarding teaching.  For example, most members of the department participate in biweekly “pedagogy lunches,” where we discuss emergent pedagogical questions that we are currently facing in our classes.  We also have a general “open-door” classroom policy, which facilitates the sharing of pedagogical approaches and techniques.  Finally, we actively engage one another in our scholarship in teaching and learning, presentations and addresses, which has taken the form of influential textbooks and articles (some co-authored).  For all of these reasons, we believe that we are ideally situated to help a newly minted PhD to develop their own unique approach to teaching philosophy.

To get to know us more as teachers, check out some of the books and articles we’ve written:

and some of our syllabi:

Also check out our "Unfinished Manifesto for Philosophy as Transformative Practice" that we co-wrote a few years ago!

This post-doc position was inaugurated in the fall of 2012 and over the past three years we have been honored to have Dr. Frances Bottenberg occupy this position.  Please follow this link to read a summary of her experiences within this position.

The post-doc will take the form of a three-year, fixed term visiting professorship (assuming acceptable performance and progress).  It will come with a course load that is slightly reduced from the usual faculty course load (5 rather than 6 courses per academic year), travel funds, and the eligibility to apply for funding from a variety of internal sources (such as those from the Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning, and the Faculty Research and Development Committee – note that some forms of funding, such as sabbaticals, will not be available to the post-doc).  The post-doc will be invited to take part in workshops and other forms of professional development offered by Elon’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, and will also be encouraged to develop mentoring relationships within and outside the philosophy department.  Because the reduced course load is intended to provide additional time to develop pedagogical skills and knowledge, the post-doc fellow will be expected to make significant progress in their pedagogical development, to report on that progress in their annual self-evaluation, and to develop a research agenda in philosophy pedagogy while also pursuing scholarship in their areas of specialization. This position is non-renewable; it is expected that the third year of employment under the post-doc program will be the final year of employment in Elon’s philosophy department.

Regarding the application process, it should proceed as follows:

1. Candidates should follow this link http://www.elon.edu/e-web/academics/elon_college/philosophy/forms/application.xhtml, which will take you to a splash-page for the database that we will be using.

2. Please populate the form and submit it.  That will establish a record for you in our database. 

3. At the bottom of that form you will find an e-mail address to which you should send all of your application materials.  Those are:

  • a letter addressing the goals of the Fellowship
  • CV
  • transcripts
  • a substantial statement of teaching philosophy and aspirations
  • summary of teaching/course evaluations
  • three letters of recommendation.

4. We are asking candidates to prepare their CV and their "statement of teaching philosophy and aspirations" for anonymous review.  Please remove all identifiers (regarding name, gender, age, race, etc) both from the contents of the document and from the electronic file name.

5. As we indicated in our ad, the first round of the selection process will focus heavily on the teaching statement.

Text of our published ad for this position --10/21/2014

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Teaching of Philosophy. Elon University invites applications for a 3-year, non-renewable Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Teaching of Philosophy, beginning mid-August 2015. AOS/AOC open. The Fellowship is designed as an intensive incubator of teaching skills and an engagement with teaching as a subject of philosophical reflection, systematic and venturesome experimentation, practice, and research. We seek a recent PhD (with degree granted no earlier than 2012; candidates must have degree in hand no later than June 1, 2015) whose teaching is organic to his or her philosophical life and who seeks to strengthen his or her already promising teaching skills in our energetic and collaborative department and university. Fellows teach a slightly reduced course load of five courses per year, all levels (including courses in Elon’s General Studies Program), participate in departmental activities (including bi-weekly pedagogy lunches), as well as offerings of Elon’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.  Fellows enjoy university privileges of Assistant Professors, including eligibility to apply for most internal grants. With that support, we expect Fellows to further develop a research agenda in philosophy pedagogy while also pursuing scholarship in their areas of specialization. To apply, go to http://www.elon.edu/e-web/academics/elon_college/philosophy/forms/application.xhtml, where you will be asked to submit: a letter addressing the goals of the Fellowship, CV, transcripts, a substantial statement of teaching philosophy and aspirations, summary of teaching/course evaluations, and three letters of recommendation.  According to best practices for inclusive hiring, we ask that the teaching statement and c.v. are written for anonymous review (Please see our website for more detailed instructions).  Given the nature of this position, the first round of application evaluations will focus heavily on the teaching statement. Elon is a dynamic private, co-educational, comprehensive institution that is a national model for actively engaging faculty and students in teaching and learning.  To learn more about Elon, please visit the University web site at http://www.elon.edu.  Elon University is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse faculty, staff and student body and welcomes all applicants. Completed applications must be received by December 15, 2014 to receive full consideration.  Visit the department website for a more detailed description of the Fellowship: http://www.elon.edu/e-web/academics/elon_college/philosophy/.